Student Published Research Prize

The Student Published Research Prize is awarded annually for outstanding pieces of writing published by students of Melbourne Law School.


  • Eileen Yang (JD) - joint winner

    Title - No-reliance Clauses: Are They Effective at Limiting a Principal’s Liability for Misleading or Deceptive Conduct

    Program - JD

    Publication Details - Building and Construction Law Journal

  • Britta Maunder (JD) - joint winner

    Title - An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure: The Role for International Law in Preventing Pandemics

    Program - JD

    Publication Details - (forthcoming) Australian International Law Journal

  • Katie Webber (MLM)

    Title - The Precautionary Principle and Judicial Decision Making in the COVID-19 Pandemic

    Program - MLM

    Publication Details - (forthcoming) Australian Journal of Administrative Law

  • Danish Skeikh (Graduate Research) - joint winner

    Title - Staging Repair

    Program - Graduate Research

    Publication Details - Law Text Culture

  • Lev Bromberg (Graduate Research) - joint winner

    Title - Numbing the pain or diffusing the pressure? The co-optation of PETA’s “naming and shaming” campaign against mulesing

    Program - Graduate Research

    Publication Details - Law & Policy


  • Nicholas Felstead (JD)

    Title - 'The Australian and United States Approaches to National Security and Foreign Investment Regulation’

    Program - JD

    Publication Details - Australian Business Law Review

  • Patrick McCabe (MLM) - joint winner

    Title - Contracts and the Implied Freedom of Political Communication

    Program - MLM

    Publication Details - (forthcoming) Federal Law Review

  • Jade Andrews (MLM) - joint winner

    Title - Maintaining Privacy in Artificial Intelligence-driven Bioinformatics: An Inquiry into the Suitability of Australia’s Law

    Program - MLM

    Publication Details - Journal of Law and Medicine

  • Julian Murphy (Graduate Research)

    Title - Legislating in Language: Indigenous Languages in Parliamentary Debate, Legislation and Statutory Interpretation

    Program - Graduate Research

    Publication Details - University of New South Wales Law Journal


  • Jake Herd (JD) - joint winner

    Title - 'Blocks of Lading' Distributed Ledger Technology and the Disruption of Sea Carriage Regulation

    Program - JD

    Publication Details - 18(2) QUT Review 306-317

  • Deborah Tsai (JD) - joint winner

    Title - What Makes an Athlete 'Female'? Issues with the Proposed Hyperandrogenism Regulations in Elite Athletics'

    Program - JD

    Publication Details - 12(1) Australian and New Zealand Sports Law Journal

  • Patrick McCabe (MLM)

    Title - An Australian Indigenous Common Law Right to Participate in Decision-Making

    Program - MLM

    Publication Details - (2020) 20(1) Oxford University Commonwealth Law Journal 52-85

  • Penny Gleeson (Graduate Research)

    Title - The Challenge of Medicinal Cannabis to the Political Legitimacy of Therapeutic Goods Regulation in Australia

    Program - Graduate Research

    Publication Details - (2019) 43(2) Melbourne University Law  Review 558-604


  • Christian Slattery (JD)

    Title - Fossil Fueling the Apocalypse: Australian Coal Subsidiaries and the agreement on subsidies and countervailing measures

    Program - JD

    Publication Details - (2019) 18(1) World Trade Review 109-132

  • Angad Keith (MLM)

    Title - Hunting for Efficacy: A Critical Evaluation of International Responses to Wildlife Tracking in the African Great Lakes Region

    Program - MLM

    Publication Details - (2018) 35(5) Environmental and Planning Law Journal 542-559

  • Marnie Lloydd (Graduate Research)

    Title - Persistent Tensions? International Legal Perspectives on 'Other' Foreign Fighters

    Program - Graduate Research

    Publication Details - (2017) 60 German Yearbook of International Law 539-573


  • Luke Chircop (JD)

    Title - A Response to Legal Justification for Amending Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act

    Program - JD

    Publication Details - (2018) 22(2) Media and Arts Law Review 148-172

  • Colette Downie (MLM)

    Title - Strategically Deterring Genetic Entry Ahead of Patent Expiry: A Competition Law Antidote? Assessing Australian Pharmaceutical antitrust Enforcement after ACCC v Pfizer

    Program - MLM

    Publication Details - (2017) 45(2) Australian Business Law Review 80-116

  • Anne Carter (Graduate Research)

    Title - Constitutional Convergence? Some Lessons from Proportionality

    Program - Graduate Research

    Publication Details - Chapter in M Elliott, J NE Varuhas and S Stark (eds), The Unity of Public Law? Doctrinal, Theoretical and Comparative Perspectives, Hart Publishing, United Kingdom (2018) 373-394


  • Jack Maxwell (JD)

    Title - Two Systems of Law Side by Side

    Program - JD

    Publication Details - (2015/2016) 19(2) Australian Indigenous Law Review 97-112

  • Chiara Bryan (MLM)

    Title - Co-opting the Precautionary Principle: The Victoria Planning Provisions' "One Kilometre Consent Requirement" for Wind Energy Facilities

    Program - MLM

    Publication Details - (2016) 33(3) Environmental and Planning Law Journal 203-221

  • Cait Storr (Graduate Research)

    Title - Islands and the South: Reframing the Relationship between International Law and Environmental Crisis

    Program - Graduate Research

    Publication Details - (2016) 27(2) European Journal of International Law 519-540


  • James Nunez (JD/LLB)

    Title - The implied freedom of poltical communication: A basis for journalists to challenge Australian Security Intelligence Organisations Act 1979 (Cth) s35P?

    Program - JD/LLB

    Publication Details - (2015) 20(3) Media and Arts Law Review 252-281

  • Shaheer Tarin (MLM)

    Title - An Analysis of the Influence of Islamic Law on Saudi Arabia's Arbitration and Dispute Resolution Practices

    Program - MLM

    Publication Details - (2015) 26(1) The American Review of International Arbitration 131-154

  • Martin Clark (Graduate Research)

    Title - British Contributions to the Concept of Recognition during the Interwar Period: Williams, Baty and Lauterpacht

    Program - Graduate Research

    Publication Details - Forthcoming in Robert McCorquodale and Jean-Pierre Gauci (eds), Contemporary Perspectives on British Influences on International Law (Martinus Nijoff, 2016)


  • Shawn Rajanayagam (JD/LLB)

    Title - Does Parliament Do Enough? Evaluating statements of compatibility under the Human Rights (Parliamentary Scrutiny) Act

    Program - JD/LLB

    Publication Details - (2015) 38(3) UNSW Law Journal

  • Stella Gold (MLM)

    Title - Bulwark of liberty or impunity for the wicked? The abrogation of the privilege against self-incrimination in the National Model Work Health and Safety Bill

    Program - MLM

    Publication Details - (2014) 27 Australian Journal of Labour Law 1-30

  • Marie Aronsson (Graduate Research)

    Title - Remote Law-Making? American Drone Strikes and the Development of Jus ad Bellum

    Program - Graduate Research

    Publication Details - (2014) 1(2) Journal on the Use of Force and International Law 273-298


  • Collette Downie (JD/LLB)

    Title - Will Australia Trust Arbitrators with Antitrust?: Examining the Challenges in International Antitrust Arbitrations to Develop a Competition Arbitration Model for Australia

    Program - JD/LLB

    Publication Details - (2013) 30 Journal of International Arbitration 221-265

  • Devon Whittle (MLM)

    Title - Frivolous Motions and Abuses of Process at the Ad Hoc International Criminal Tribunals

    Program - MLM

    Publication Details - (2013) 22 (1) Cardozo Journal of International and Comparative Law 1-30

  • Jake Goldenfein (Graduate Research)

    Title - Police Photography and Privacy: Identity, Stigma and Reasonable Expectation

    Program - Graduate Research

    Publication Details - (2013) 36 (1) UNSW Law Journal 256-279


  • Tom Dreyfus (LLB)

    Title - The "Half-Invention" of Gender Identity in International Human Rights Law: From Cedaw to the Yogyakarta Principles

    Program - LLB

    Publication Details - (2012) 37 Australian Feminist Law Journal 33-50

  • Anesti Petridis (JD)

    Title - "Knocking at the Door of the Stone Fortress": Appeals to the Supreme Court under Japan's 1996 Code of Civil Procedure

    Program - JD

    Publication Details - (2012) 18 (34) Journal of Japanese Law (Zeitschrift Für Japanisches Recht) 229-260

  • Baurzhan Kurmanov (MLM)

    Title - Anti Gas Flaring Regulation and the Law: The History and Recent Developments in Kazakhstan and Nigeria

    Program - MLM

    Publication Details - (2012) 10 (5) Oil, Gas and Energy Law Intelligence

  • Brian Mason (MLM)

    Title - I'll have my Bond, Speak not Against my Bond": Constructive Trusts and Surplus Proceeds from Performance Bonds

    Program - MLM

    Publication Details - (2012) 6 (1) Journal of Equity 74-108

  • Walter Rech (Graduate Research)

    Title - Rightless Enemies: Schmitt and Lauterpacht on Political Piracy

    Program - Graduate Research

    Publication Details - (2012) 32 (2) Oxford Journal of Legal Studies 235-263


  • Kathryn Tomasic (LLB)

    Title - "Price Signalling" Amendments to the competition and consumer Act 2010 (Cth): A principled response to the problem of tacit collusion?

    Program - LLB

    Publication Details - (2011) 19 Competition and Consumer Law Journal 1 - 38

  • Maya Narayan (JD)

    Title - Creatures of statute, beast of burden: The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal and the heavy lifting of human rights

    Program - JD

    Publication Details - (2011) 66 AIAL Forum 1-17

  • Adam Chernok (MLM)

    Title - Entrapment Under Controlled Operations Legislation: A Victorian Perspective

    Program - MLM

    Publication Details - (2011) 35 (6) Criminal Law Journal 361-375

  • Roisin Burke (Graduate Research)

    Title - UN Military Peacekeeper Complicity in Sexual Abuse: The ICC or a Tri-Hybrid Court

    Program - Graduate Research

    Publication Details - in M Bergsmo (ed), Thematic Prosecution of International Sex Crimes (2012)


  • Eamonn Hortle (LLB/JD)

    Title - Third-Line Forcing and the Notification Process; Yet Another Reason to Abolish the Per Se Prohibition

    Program - LLB/JD

    Publication Details - (2010) 18(1) Competition and Consumer Law Journal 39-70

  • Jack O'Connor (LLB/JD)

    Title - The Enforceability of Agreements to Negotiate

    Program - LLB/JD

    Publication Details - University of Tasmania Law Review (forthcoming 2011)

  • Roisin Burke (Postgraduate)

    Title - Status of Forces Deployed on UN Peacekeeping Operations: Jurisdictional Immunity

    Program - Postgraduate

    Publication Details - (2010) 16(1) Journal of Conflict and Security Law 63-104


  • Aakash Desai (LLB/JD)

    Title - Commercial Trusts and Securitisation: Lessons from the Global Financial Crisis

    Program - LLB/JD

    Publication Details - (2010) 28 (1) Company and Securities Law Journal 10-31

  • Luis Eslava (Postgraduate)

    Title - Decentralization of Development and Nation-Building Today: Reconstructing Colombia from the Margins of Bogot'a

    Program - Postgraduate

    Publication Details - (2009) 2 (1) The Law and Development Review 281-366


  • Fergus Green (Undergraduate)

    Title - Fragmentation in Two Dimensions: The ICJ's Flawed Approach to Non-State Actors and International Legal Personality

    Program - Undergraduate

    Publication Details - (2008) 9 (1) Melbourne Journal of International Law 47-77

  • Yoriko Otomo (Postgraduate)

    Title - Of Mimicry and Madness: Speculation on the State

    Program - Postgraduate

    Publication Details - (2008) 28 Australian Feminist Law Journal 53-76