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Regulation of Australian Elections – Introductory Course
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Regulation of Australian Elections – Introductory Course

In September, ERRN held the biennial introductory course, ‘Regulation of Australian Elections’ over two days at Melbourne Law School.The course provided electoral commission staff with an introduction to research and scholarship on the regulation of Australian elections, as well as a forum to connect and share insights.Across nine sessions delivered by election experts, the course explored:Australian constitutional framework of elections (Professor Sarah Murray, University of Western Australia)Voting rights (Professor Graeme Orr, University of Queensland)Compulsory Voting (Professor Lisa Hill, University of Adelaide)Forms of voting (Dr Ferran Martinez i Coma, Griffith University)Political finance (Associate Professor Yee-Fui Ng, Monash University)Media in elections (Professor Andrea Carson, La Trobe University)Australian party system (Dr Narelle Miragliotta, Monash University)Experiments in election research (Associate Professor Aaron Martin, University of Melbourne)Electoral commissions (Mr Michael Maley, independent election expert)The course fostered rich discussion of key issues including mis- and dis-information, the ‘ticks and crosses’ debate that surrounded referendum voting, as well as diversity, inclusion, and the integrity of the electoral process in Australia and overseas. The networking reception held after the first day was a particular highlight, providing participants with the opportunity to connect with colleagues from various electoral commissions.Feedback received from participants indicated that the course was highly relevant to the work conducted by electoral commission staff.