Student Equity and Disability Support

Law School Associate Dean (Diversity & Inclusion) and Equal Opportunity Liaison Officers

Melbourne Law School (MLS) seeks to be an inclusive community, respectful of the diversity within its student and staff body, and embracing of difference. To support this diverse community, MLS has appointed Equal Opportunity Liaison Officers as contact points for MLS students identifying as within the groups set out below.

The role of the Associate Dean (Diversity & Inclusion) is to advocate on behalf of the MLS Community for a safe and respectful working and learning environment; and to collaborate with staff and students, and alongside the Law Students' Society and MLS Executive,  in making visible and celebrating the diverse lived experiences of all community members.

The primary role of an equal opportunity liaison officer is to:

  • Liaise with, and support, MLS students within their area of remit in academic and other matters related to studying at the University;
  • Liaise with other key staff at MLS to support MLS students within their area of remit, both individually and as a group;
  • Provide advice in relation to policy and other issues affecting students within their area of remit.
Area 2023 Associate Dean and Liaison Officers
Associate Dean (Diversity & Inclusion) Ann Genovese
Disability Glenn Patmore
International, Cultural Diversity and Non English-speaking Background (NESB) Students Jianlin Chen
Later Law Students and Family Responsibilities Rebecca Nelson
LGBTIQ Brad Jessup

Watch a video created by the Law Students' Society for the 2023 International Day of Transgender Visibility with resources for students on the JD Community.

Student Equality and Wellbeing Committee

The Student Equality and Wellbeing Committee (SEWC) is chaired by the Assistant Dean – Teaching & Learning, Associate Professor Judith Marychurch. The Associate Dean (Diversity & Inclusion) sits on this committee, along with the EO liaison officers and student representatives from the Melbourne University Law Students Society, Melbourne Law Masters Students Association, Global Law Students Association, Later Law Students Network and the Law Graduate Researchers Association. The SEWC provides a forum for students and staff to discuss issues related to equality and wellbeing as they impact MLS students, and acts as a conduit to provide advice, assistance and recommendations to the broader MLS community.

Student Equity and Disability Support (SEDS)

The University makes reasonable adjustments to assist students with a wide range of personal circumstances that affect their ability to study on an equitable basis to other students. Reasonable adjustments are managed by the Student Equity and Disability Support (SEDS) team at Stop 1. Eligibility for reasonable adjustments is determined via special consideration (ongoing support). The services provided by SEDS are designed to offset the impact of a student's circumstances on their ability to undertake their studies. It is important to understand that these adjustments must be 'reasonable' and not compromise the academic integrity of the course being studied.

You can apply for accommodations by registering for special consideration (ongoing support).

The MLS Academic Programs Coordinator (Wellbeing) coordinates assistance arranged at SEDS.

SEDS is located at Stop 1 (Parkville). Students are advised to make an appointment to discuss any issues or concerns.

Contact SEDS

Safe spaces and building features

The Law Building has the following design features:

  • All lecture theatres have hearing loop facilities and wheelchair access
  • Lifts include information in braille and speaking facilities
  • The floor layout includes bumps to aid the visually impaired
  • Toilets for disabled people are available on every level of the building
  • Indigenous student space
  • Parenting room 822
  • WAGDI room – coming soon!

For building queries contact Facilities via +61 (3) 834 40888.