Registration for ongoing support

This procedure should be read in conjunction with, and is subject to, the University's Assessment and Results Policy (MPF1326).

Students affected by unexpected circumstances, such as sudden illness, accident or bereavement, and where the duration of impact on their studies is not ongoing are advised to apply for special consideration - JD/Breadth subject(s) or MLM subject(s).


Registration for ongoing support is available via registration and interview process for students requiring long-term, ongoing support and adjustments due to a disability; a chronic or permanent health condition; sporting, performance or service commitments; or religious and cultural practices.

Ongoing support services are offered free of charge on a case-by-case basis in conjunction with the Student Equity and Disability Support (SEDS) team.

One of the main benefits of registering for ongoing support is that support can be streamlined and provided holistically, and students who require support and assistance on a long term basis will not be required to continually make applications for special consideration and supply documentation, as this is already on file.

  1. Register for ongoing support


  2. Book appointment with a Student Equity Adviser

    Once registered, students are required to meet with a Student Equity Adviser to discuss the following:

    • Nature of the illness/circumstances
    • Symptoms/nature of impact
    • Duration of impact.

    At the end of the appointment, students will be provided with a document outlining the adjustments for which they are eligible, in the form of an Academic Adjustment Plan (AAP).

    Book an appointment

Registration for ongoing support and examinations/take-home examinations

Examinations and take-home examinations are an integral component of assessment at Melbourne Law School. Where a student’s condition/circumstances impact upon their performance in an examination or take-home examination, they will generally be provided with Alternative Exam Arrangements (AEAs). These AEAs are intended to mitigate the impact of the student’s condition upon their capacity to successfully complete examinations/take-home examinations.

MLS understands that there may be occasions where the circumstances for which a student is registered may worsen and negatively impact upon their capacity to complete examinations/take-home examinations. In these instances, the student is advised to apply for special consideration - JD/Breadth subject(s) or MLM subject(s).

When submitting an application for special consideration, registered students should provide the following:

  • Copy of their Academic Adjustment Plan, and
  • Supporting evidence confirming the symptoms experienced in the lead up to and during exams. This evidence should confirm that the AEAs were not able to mitigate impact.

Special consideration applications are firstly assessed by Student Equity and Disability Support (SEDS) to determine if they are eligible for special consideration based on the supporting documents provided by students.