MLM elective subject quotas

This page lists the current enrolment status for Melbourne Law Masters elective subjects.

COVID-19 update: Online-delivery, rescheduled, and cancelled subjects

The Melbourne Law Masters team of academic and professional staff are working hard to provide alternative delivery methods for all subjects scheduled to start from 25 March 2020 to the end of June 2020. All information presented here is within the current, evolving context of COVID-19 and may be subject to change.

This page was last updated: 09 Apr 2020 5:15pm.

MLM subject quotas and how to enrol

For the full process of selecting subjects, and the dates which selections open - view the How to select subjects & enrol page.

Places may become available before this list is updated again, so students are encouraged to attempt enrolling or swapping to test subject availability.

Information on swapping subjects

Check if your subject has places available

The following is a guide for MLM subjects that are currently full. Please note that as students can enrol and un-enrol at any time, this list may not be up to date. This list will be regularly updated.

  • Currently full subjects
    • Alternative Dispute Resolution (LAWS70018) - December
    • Artificial Intelligence and the Law (LAWS90145) - November
    • Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Law (LAWS90169) - May
    • Business Negotiations and Deal-Making (LAWS90062) - July / 1
    • Business Negotiations and Deal-Making (LAWS90062) - July / 2
    • Climate Change Law (LAWS70293) - May
    • Comparative International Tax (LAWS70353) - December
    • Construction Contract Analysis, Drafting (LAWS70270) - November
    • Construction Dispute Resolution (LAWS70133) - August
    • Construction Risk (LAWS70149) - August
    • Contract Interpretation (LAWS70335) - September
    • Copyright Law (LAWS70207) - May
    • Core Principles of Contract (LAWS90172) - June
    • Fundamentals of the Common Law (LAWS70217) - July
    • Human Rights and Terrorism (LAWS70091) - July
    • International Commercial Arbitration (LAWS70121) - November
    • International Criminal Law (LAWS70033) - August
    • International Law and Children's Rights (LAWS70120) - October
    • International Tax: Principles, Structure (LAWS70006) - November
    • International Trade Law (LAWS70028) - July
    • Mediation: Principles and Practice (LAWS90113) - August
    • Principles of Construction Law (LAWS70314) - July
    • Project Finance (LAWS70205) - October
    • Regulation of FinTech (LAWS90110) - August
    • Remedies in the Construction Context (LAWS70112) - October
    • Royal Commissions and Public Inquiries (LAWS70037) - November
    • Statutes in the 21st Century (LAWS70404) - Semester 2 (Extended)
    • Tax Treaties (LAWS70146) - June
    • Trade Marks and Unfair Competition (LAWS70046) - August
    • Transfer Pricing: Practice and Problems (LAWS70203) - September

MLM subject waitlists

The Law ASO team maintains a waitlist for subjects with full quotas.

Apply to be waitlisted for a subject

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What platform does the University use to deliver subjects online?

    The University’s learning management system (LMS) is Canvas. All online subjects will be delivered through the respective Canvas subject page, using a combination of pre-recorded content, Zoom webinars, discussion boards and other online materials.

  • What will I need to participate in online subjects?

    Students will require:

    • Access to a computer
    • A stable internet connection
    • A quiet environment appropriate for study
    • Headphones (recommended)
    • Microphone (recommended)

    Note: Most smartphone earphones will usually include a microphone.

  • How do I access the subject materials?

    All subject materials will be made available online via Canvas for students to download to their personal device.  There will be no hardcopy materials for online offerings.

  • Will classes be interactive?

    Discussion boards, if scheduled, will be interactive. Discussion boards may be scheduled in either real-time or outside of class times.

    Zoom sessions, if scheduled, will be real-time and involve remotely meeting with your teacher in a group.

  • Do we only need to be able to listen to lectures?

    You will need to be able to listen to videos and participate in discussion boards.

    If Zoom sessions are scheduled, you will also need a microphone (check your computer which may well include this).

  • Do we need to be in a space where we can also speak?

    Yes. Ideally a quiet space where you will not be interrupted. It is helpful to have a headset that you can use to minimise noise interference.

  • Will subject delivery be live?

    Zoom sessions, if scheduled, will be real-time.

  • Will the subject be taught over the originally scheduled dates?

    Yes, there is no change to the delivery dates.

  • How will assessment work?

    Take-home exams and research papers and their related due dates will remain the same. Subjects with assessable participation will retain that requirement, and clarification will be provided by the relevant coordinator.

  • What’s happening with attendance hurdles?

    All subjects in the MLM have a 75% minimum attendance hurdle. This hurdle will be waived for all subjects that begin between March 23 and June 30.

  • Useful online learning resources

Juris Doctor students applying for MLM subjects

JD enrolments into MLM subjects are limited and are approved on a proportional basis. If you are waitlisted for a MLM subject that does not appear on the above list, this indicates that the pro rata portion of JD enrolments in your nominated MLM subject has been reached. JD students will be contacted by the Academic Support Office should a place become available.

Student enquiries

All enquiries relating to the status of subjects and whether they are running or are cancelled will be directed to this page. Students with other queries surrounding MLM elective subjects may contact with their query.

To ensure your enquiry is processed quickly, please ensure: