Carlos Arturo Villagran Sandoval

  • Carlos Arturo Villagran Sandoval

    PhD candidate

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Carlos Arturo is a PhD Candidate at Melbourne Law School. His doctoral thesis considers Comparative Regional Integration with particular emphasis on Central-America.

Carlos Arturo holds a Master in Public and International Law from the Melbourne Law School and Licentiate in Juridical and Social Sciences from Universidad Rafael Landívar of Guatemala. Before commencing his PhD, he was Human Rights Adviser and State Council for the Guatemalan Government within the Project of Historical Memory and Human Rights for Peace of the United Nation Development Programme (UNDP).  He is currently a member of the Latin American Society of International Law Interest Group on the ‘New Relationship between International and Domestic Law’ and the Constitution Transformation Network at Melbourne Law School.

Carlos Arturo has a particular interest in Comparative Regionalism and the interaction between International Law and Constitutional Law, particularly within a regional Latin-American human rights context.

Thesis Title

Using Regional Comparative Law to Solve and Provide Future Direction to the Challenges of the Central-American Integration System

Thesis Summary

The reunification of Central-America has been a long aspiration since the fallout of the Central-American Federation in the XIX Century. Since that time, various attempts on reunification and integration have been sought. Most have been unsuccessful, displaying a series of recurring historical competing pressures that this thesis examines. In 1987, the integration process was rebooted. However, the new integration enterprise has not lived up to its expectation displaying, yet again, the same historical competing pressures. This thesis analyses the challenges of this new integration enterprise in the light of these historical competing pressures and studies comparative regional experiences elsewhere in order to solve such problems.


  • Comparative Law
  • Comparative Regionalism
  • Constitutional Pluralism
  • Inter-American Human Rights Law