Pary Widiatedja

  • Pary Widiatedja

    PhD candidate


I Gusti Ngurah Parikesit Widiatedja (Pary) is a PhD Candidate Melbourne Law School. He researches across the field of international public law and Asian law, with a focus on law reform on developing countries in Southeast Region. He has a particular interest in trade in services especially trade in tourism and his doctoral thesis examines the relationship between trade in tourism, the environmental damage and regulatory failure.

Pary holds Bachelor of Law from University of Brawijaya, Malang and LLM from the University of Washington, Seattle. Prior to joining Melbourne Law School, he worked as a lecturer in Faculty of Law Udayana University, Bali-Indonesia.

Thesis Title

The Relationship Between Trade and Investment Agreements and the National Interest: A Case Study of Tourism in Indonesia

Thesis Summary

Trade in tourism has led to environmental damage in Bali. My thesis investigates the extent to which law and its enforcement has an impact on the environmental damage caused by trade in tourism, putting the hotel industry as a case study. It identifies why Indonesian laws, including its obligations under trade and investment agreement, are not preventing the environmental damage that has been caused by hotels in Bali. Based on this analysis, my thesis will propose regulatory response to prevent the environmental damage caused by trade in tourism, in particular, hotels in Bali.


  • Asian law
  • Public law