Hui Jing

  • Hui Jing

    PhD candidate


Hui Jing is a PhD Candidate at the Asian Law Center, Melbourne Law School. His research concentrates on the theoretical foundation of intellectual property law, trusts and non-profit law. He has a particular interest in the charitable trust and his doctoral thesis examines the improvement of charitable trust system in Mainland China.

From 2012 to 2014, Hui worked as a researcher in the Institute for International Intellectual Property of Peking University and participated in the projects of Research on Reformation of Intellectual Property System in China and Research on the Legal System of ITP Joint Innovation during this time period. Meanwhile, Hui has published several Chinese articles in the journal of Electronics Intellectual Property and the journal of Science, Technology and Law, etc.

Hui got his master degree (by research) in Intellectual Property Law from Peking University and had 5% academic performance during undergraduate study in China University of Political Science and Law. Prior to joining Melbourne Law School, Hui worked as a lawyer at the Beijing Office of Zhong Lun Law Firm.

Thesis Title

Improvement of Charitable Trust System in Mainland China

Thesis Summary

At present, there exists a huge gap between the subjective need for charity and the lack of complete legislative framework in Mainland China. Owing to the defects of the current legal system for charitable trust and the irregularity of relevant regulations, the development of charitable trust presents an imbalanced trend that is detrimental to the undertaking of charitable causes. My Thesis plans to conduct research on the reception of the common law charitable trust into the private and public law of mainland China by applying the methods of comparative research and policy-based study, so as to provide solutions to the perceived deficiencies within charitable trust system in Mainland China.


  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Trust & Non-Profit Law