Jacqueline Meredith

PhD Candidate

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Jacqueline is a PhD Candidate at Melbourne Law School and a member of the Centre for Employment and Labour Relations Law. Jacqueline’s doctoral research examines the division between work and non-work across different areas of labour law.

Jacqueline holds a Bachelor of Civil Law (Distinction) from the University of Oxford and a Bachelor of Laws (First Class Honours and University Medal in Law) from the University of Newcastle (AU). Jacqueline teaches tort law and work health and safety law to university students and has previously worked as a Judge’s Associate in the Supreme Court of Victoria. She has published in the areas of labour law, law and technology, medical law and ethics, and legal education.

Thesis Title

The Work-Relatedness Connection in Labour Law

Thesis Summary

Jacqueline’s doctoral research explores how Australian labour law draws a boundary between work and non-work. The focus is on various statutory employment nexus tests and their interpretation and application by courts and tribunals. The work/non-work divide is considered in three key areas: (i) unfair dismissal law; (ii) workers’ compensation law; and (iii) sexual harassment and anti-bullying laws. Consideration is also given to the theoretical and normative basis for distinguishing between work-related and private conduct.


  • Employment Law
  • Labour Law
  • Work Health and Safety Law
  • Private Law