James Cameron

  • James Cameron

    PhD candidate

James Cameron is a PhD Candidate at the Melbourne Law School. James is conducting research in the field of medical law and ethics. He is particularly interested in laws governing decision-making capacity, end of life decisions and medical treatment for children.

James holds an MA in Bioethics from Monash University and a Juris Doctor and Bachelor of Arts from the University of Melbourne. James has previously worked as a Senior Legal Policy Officer at the Department of Health and Human Services developing and implementing new legislation, and prior to this was a Judge’s Associate.

Thesis Title

How can it be determined when it is in a child’s ‘best interests’ to die and what factors should be considered in assessing whether a child should receive life sustaining medical treatment?

Thesis Summary

Decisions are made regularly in hospitals and occasionally by courts that life sustaining medical treatment should be withdrawn or withheld from children. These decisions are made on the basis that treatment would not be in the “best interests” of the child. My thesis examines how these decisions are made and the factors that influence parents, doctors and judges in determining a child’s “best interests”. It will consider whether the approaches taken are ethically defensible. Based on this analysis, my thesis will propose a policy for decision making for life sustaining treatment for children.


  • Medical Law
  • Health Law and Bioethics