Kinfe Yilma Desta

  • Kinfe Desta

    PhD candidate


Kinfe is a PhD Candidate and Teaching Fellow at the Center for Media and Communications Law, Melbourne Law School. Kinfe’s doctoral thesis examines pragmatic approaches to international digital privacy law reform. In his teaching fellow role, he teaches the breadth subject ‘Free Speech and Media Law’. Kinfe’s research interest and publications are in the areas of Internet governance, human rights law and law reform. He has experience in university teaching in Ethiopia, and still holds a position of lecturer-in-law at Addis Ababa University Law School.

Kinfe holds LLB from Addis Ababa University with Great Distinction, an LLM degree in IT Law from the University of Oslo with Magna cum Laude and another LLM degree in International Human Rights Law from Brunel University London in the UK, with Distinction and two prizes. He has also studied Internet privacy at the University of Oxford, Oxford Internet Institute.

Thesis Title

Recasting Privacy in the Digital Age: United Nations Standards and the Imperatives of Reform

Thesis Summary

The Snowden revelations have generated a global Interest in a new set of human rights standards for the digital space including in the form of Internet bill of rights. While calls for such bill were occasionally made even before the revelations, the Internet bill of rights project has gathered momentum in the wake of the revelations. My thesis seeks to argue for a pragmatic approach for strengthening the international protection of digital privacy, informed partly by this momentum. It explores the possible ways in which the post Snowden normative momentum could be translated into a pragmatic international digital privacy law reform.


  • Internet Governance
  • Human Rights
  • Media Law