Osayd Awawda

  • Osayd Awawda

    PhD candidate

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Osayd Awawda is a Palestinian PhD Candidate at the Centre for Comparative Constitutional Studies, Melbourne Law School. His research focuses on the politics of constitutional courts in authoritarian regimes, with focus on the Palestinian Constitutional Court in occupied Palestine. He has a particular interest in the constitutional systems of Arab regimes and his doctoral thesis examines possible solutions to protect the independence of constitutional courts in authoritarian settings, and what Islamic constitutionalism can provide in such contexts. Osayd holds a second-class honour LL.M. in Law Reform from Melbourne Law School. He obtained his LL.B. in Law from Birzeit University Palestine.

Thesis Title

The Palestinian Supreme Constitutional Court: How the Palestinian authoritarian regime impacts on it?

Thesis Summary

My thesis argues that the authoritarian West Bank regime in occupied Palestine exploits the Supreme Constitutional Court (‘SCC’) to maintain the regime’s interests and marginalise its opposition. The thesis searches for possible solutions that can help to effectively empower the SCC through specific legislative reform and promotion of judicial support networks. Applying a comparative approach with constitutional courts in Egypt and Tunisia; the thesis aims to provide answers to two principal questions: How is the SCC affected by the authoritarian regime of the WB? What are the pathways to effectively enforce the SCC independence, if any?


  • Comparative Constitutional Law
  • Islamic Law
  • Law and Society
  • Law Reform in Developing Countries