Rafiqa Qurrata A'yun

PhD Candidate

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Rafiqa Qurrata A’yun is a PhD candidate at the Centre for Indonesian Law, Islam and Society, Melbourne Law School. She researches Indonesian criminal law with a particular focus on the politics of Indonesia’s blasphemy law. Her interests include law and politics, law and religion, Indonesian legal reform and democracy, and other Indonesian law issues viewed through an interdisciplinary approach.

Rafiqa is a member of the Department of Criminal Law, Faculty of Law at Universitas Indonesia where she has taught subjects on Indonesian criminal law since 2015. At the university, she was also appointed as the Executive Secretary of Djokosoetono Research Center (2016-2017). Prior to working at Universitas Indonesia, she worked as a journalist based in Jakarta.

Rafiqa holds a Master of Law from Universitas Indonesia and Bachelor of Law from Universitas Brawijaya. Her writings can be found in Melbourne Asia Review, Indonesia Law Review, Indonesia at Melbourne, Inside Indonesia, The Conversation and The Jakarta Post.

Thesis Title

Blasphemy Laws in Democratic Indonesia

Thesis Summary

This thesis examines the persistence of blasphemy laws and their increasing use in post-authoritarian Indonesia. It aims to address the question of why blasphemy laws continue to be used despite two-decade democratisation in Indonesia.

Specifically, this thesis attempts to identify the ways by which the Indonesian state maintains and replicates blasphemy laws. It will provide an understanding of blasphemy laws in contemporary Indonesia by analysing the evolvement of the laws and contextualising their enforcement in certain socio-political contexts.


  • Comparative Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Indonesian Law
  • Law and Politics
  • Law and Religion
  • Law and Society
  • Law Reform in Developing Countries