Sebastián Rioseco

  • Sebastian Rioseco Sullivan

    PhD candidate

Sebastián Rioseco is a PhD Candidate at Melbourne Law School. He researches in the field of public international law, with a focus on international legal theory. He has a particular interest in the concept of ‘state consent’ and the role that it plays in international law. His doctoral thesis examines this issue across different international law regimes.
Sebastián holds a Law Degree from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (UC) and a Master of Public and International Law from The University of Melbourne. Prior to joining Melbourne Law School, he worked at the UC Law School as an International Law Lecturer and Director of Students Affairs.

Thesis Title

The expansion of Conferences of the Parties beyond international environmental law: a critical assessment of their law-making activities

Thesis Summary

The activities of the treaty body usually known as Conferences of the Parties (COPs) have pushed the boundaries of international law-making. However, academics have approached the topic almost exclusively from an international environmental law perspective. The examples used and the conclusions drawn are based on the outcomes of COPs established by Multilateral Environmental Agreements. Building on this literature, my thesis will explore the expansion of COPs into other areas of international law, such as health, cultural heritage, and human rights. My thesis aims to further our general understanding of modern international law-making by assessing and bringing into the discussion the law-making activities of COPs in those other areas of international law.


  • International Law
  • International Legal Theory