Sebastián Rioseco

  • Sebastian Rioseco Sullivan

    PhD candidate

Sebastián Rioseco is a PhD Candidate at Melbourne Law School. He researches in the field of public international law, with a focus on multilateral treaties. He has a particular interest in the role that treaty-bodies play in the implementation of these conventions. His doctoral thesis examines their work across different areas of international law.

Sebastián holds a Law Degree from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (UC) and a Master of Public and International Law from The University of Melbourne. Prior to joining Melbourne Law School, he worked at the UC Law School as an International Law Lecturer and Director of Students Affairs.

Thesis Title

The Influence of Conferences of the Parties on the Content and the Implementation of Their Parent-Treaties

Thesis Summary

Conferences of the Parties ('COPs') are intergovernmental meetings attended by representatives of all the states that are parties to a treaty. COPs meet periodically to review the implementation of the conventions that establish them, adopting resolutions, among other activities. COPs originated with Multilateral Environmental Agreements in the early 1970s and are usually linked to that field, but are now present in other areas of international law. This thesis attempts to make an original contribution by considering how COP activities affect the content and the implementation of their parent-treaties. For this purpose, it uses as case-studies conventions dealing with tobacco, cluster munitions, cultural diversity, and corruption. The thesis identifies a variety of avenues by which the activities of COPs affect the content and the implementation of their parent-treaties. It argues that the influence of COPs has implications for the theory and practice of the sources of international law.


  • International Law
  • The Law of the Treaties
  • International Organisations
  • Theory of International Law
  • International Law and International Relations