Student Networks

Public Interest Law Network

The Public Interest Law Network (PILN) is a forum for MLS students to promote and get involved in public interest law. PILN seeks to highlight and explore current issues and create opportunities for students to participate in this area by coordinating events, activities and initiatives. Visit the Facebook page.

Melbourne University Law Students' Society

The Melbourne University Law Students' Society (MULSS) offers a wealth of support and opportunities for students at MLS. The MULSS has an Equality and Social Justice portfolio, which runs the Stepping Stones program, a mentoring program that connects current law students with Year 11 secondary school students in an effort to build relationships and encourage young people to pursue their career ambitions.

Global Law Students Association

The Global Law Students Association (GLSA) gives MLS students information about and access to international career opportunities as well as hosting events which focus on topical international law and public interest issues. These events typically take the form of guest lectures, roundtables and panel discussions with notable speakers on the topic. For more information about upcoming events, visit the GLSA Facebook page.

The Melbourne University Law Review

The Melbourne University Law Review (MULR) is one of Australia's leading generalist law journals. MULR has established a Community Program to allow its members to contribute to community law projects and social justice issues. As part of this program, MULR members provide editorial and research assistance to community legal centres to help in the production of educational materials, publications, submissions, and other resources.