Law Apps

What is Law Apps?

Law Apps is an innovative elective subject taught since 2015. In Law Apps, students design, build and release a live legal expert system that can provide legal information to non-lawyers.

Legal expert systems (law apps) are applications that replicate the thought processes and actions of a lawyer in connection with a specific legal question. Law apps are a new and growing part of the legal landscape. Lawyers in Australia and overseas are using them to provide fast, accurate and cost effective answers to common legal problems.


Law Apps offers JD students a unique opportunity to explore and apply the potential of artificial intelligence to provide practical solutions to common legal problems. It enables students to build on and develop their skills in legal analysis, creativity, problem solving and innovation. Law Apps also allows students to contribute to the not-for-profit sector and assist organisations to address the concerns of their clients and the broader community.

What does it involve?

Law Apps students are required to research, imagine and predict the future use of artificial intelligence technology in and beyond the legal profession. Students are introduced to the fundamentals of law apps design and basic mastery of the Neota Logic platform, which has been used in Australia and overseas and is the platform of choice for lawyers building law apps. Throughout the semester students will have access to advice from Neota Logic's experts.

The subject explores other ways that technology is being incorporated into legal practice and addresses some of the professional regulation issues. Guest speakers from the profession and experts in digital technology will present in seminars. The semester culminates with a Law Apps competition – groups present their law apps to an invited panel of experts and the winning group will receive a prize.

Collaboration with not-for-profit organisations

At the commencement of the semester, students are provided with a choice of pre-identified not-for-profit organisations that are interested in being involved in the Law Apps subject. Students are required to list which organisation they would like to work with in order of preference.

In collaboration with the not-for-profit organisation, students identify suitable common legal problems that can be answered through a series of structured questions. This involves visiting the organisations and meeting with key staff so that students understand the relevant needs and concerns of clients and the wider non-lawyer public.

How do I apply?

Details available on the JD LMS Community.

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Further Information

Handbook details: LAWS90033

Enquiries about Law Apps can be directed to the Subject Coordinator, Gary Cazalet at