Street Law

What is Street Law?

Street Law is a unique subject that involves JD students providing community legal education to high school student and the community. In completing this subject, students gain an understanding how community legal education empowers individuals, protects their rights and promotes their responsibilities under law. Street Law incorporates a social inclusion agenda and partners with secondary schools with diverse student populations

Street Law at MLS forms part of a worldwide movement of law schools delivering relevant and targeted community legal education to empower communities and increase access to justice.


Students build on their research, analytical and presentation skills to develop and deliver community legal education materials for schools and the wider community. Through Street Law students will:

  • Develop a nuanced understanding of the challenges faced by young people in the Australian legal system
  • Develop knowledge of at least three areas of law relevant to young people
  • Understand and apply theories of teaching and lesson delivery
  • Gain practical experience in communicating complex legal concepts and ideas to non-specialist audiences
  • Develop an understanding of and the ability to choose appropriate methods for identifying and developing written materials to communicate with non-lawyers
  • Develop an understanding of the importance of legal literacy and what community legal resources are relevant to young people.

Street Law also seeks to raise awareness of tertiary pathways for students who may not otherwise view higher education as a viable choice. The clinic endeavours to remove social barriers between university students and students at our partner schools, who may not traditionally have had strong avenues of access to the legal profession, legal education or tertiary education.


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Handbook details: LAWS50102