All enrolled students in 2018 who are continuing their course in 2019 must re-enrol to retain their place for the following year. Please choose your subjects carefully, remembering to avoid any assessment or timetable clashes.

When to re-enrol

  • You will be able to re-enrol online Monday 12 November. 
  • Even though the University's timely re-enrolment period closes on Monday 10 December, we ask that you enrol as early as you can. All Melbourne Law Masters subjects have enrolment quotas so if you wait too long to enrol, you risk not being able to get into your chosen subjects.
  • Please check the University handbook for the last date to self-enrol.
  • If you intend to Transfer Courses or take a Leave of Absence (apply online via my.unimelb under the 'Student admin' tab), you should also do this by 10 December.
  • Please be aware that the University imposes fees and penalties for failing to re-enrol by 10 December. Please ensure you submit a valid re-enrolment, application for leave of absence or application to transfer courses by this date to avoid penalty.

How to re-enrol

Enrol in your chosen subjects online through my.unimelb. You will also be sent an email from University Student Administration with further instructions and information about re-enrolling. Please note that this will be sent to your University email account. Please follow the instructions in this email and on my.unimelb to enrol.

Note that to complete your re-enrolment, you will need to accept the 2019 enrolment declaration and then select at least one subject per semester. The only exception to this is if you are due to complete your course by mid-2019, in which case you only need to select subjects for the first half of the year.

When completing your subject enrolment, please ensure that your chosen subjects are showing on your Study Plan with a status of 'Enrolled' and are highlighted in green. If not, then you have not completed and saved your re-enrolment properly.

Please note that due to the quota restriction on each subject, enrolling in a subject does not guarantee you a place. You will be contacted (by 14 December) only if you have been unsuccessful in gaining a place in the subject. In this instance you will be withdrawn from the subject and placed on a waitlist.

Please also update your personal details if necessary via the 'Student Admin' section of my.unimelb. This includes your Home and Business details. Up-to-date contact details ensure that you receive important information from the University.

Further advice

If you need any assistance with subject selection or have any questions, please contact the Academic Support Office via