Withdrawing from a Subject

Students occasionally need to withdraw from subjects in which they have enrolled due to other commitments. Given that many subjects have waiting lists, please keep withdrawals to a minimum and give us as much notice as possible.

You can withdraw from a subject via my.unimelb. Further information can be found on the University website.

If withdrawing from a subject leaves you without any enrolled subjects for the semester and you do not wish to undertake any other subjects you will need to apply for leave of absence.

Deadlines for Withdrawal

Students must observe the University's regulations in regard to timely withdrawal from subjects. Failure to comply may result in the recording of a late withdrawal or a fail grade and/or the inability to obtain a refund of fees.

Students may withdraw from a subject without penalty prior to the census date for the subject. Census dates are listed on the subject entry of the University handbook. It is important to be aware of census dates; subjects that are withdrawn prior to census date will not appear on a student's record and subject fees paid will be refunded.

Single subject (CAP) students may amend their enrolment from assessed to non-assessed ('audit') prior to the census date for the subject. Applications to amend enrolment must be made in writing to the Academic Support Office.

Census date for semester long subjects

Semester 1
31 March
Semester 2
31 August

Census date for Intensive subjects

5pm on the first teaching day of the intensive subject

Students who withdraw after the census date but prior to the last date to withdraw without fail, will incur a late withdrawal (WD) on their record and will forfeit their full subject fees. The last date to withdraw without fail is listed on the subject entry in the University handbook.

Students who make an application to withdraw after the last date to withdraw without fail, or who do not submit any assessment will normally incur a fail and forfeit their fees.

Where a student has experienced unexpected circumstances resulting in them being unable to complete a subject, they may be eligible for a late withdrawal without fail. Students should refer to the information on late withdrawal from MLM subjects at special consideration (unexpected circumstances). Where a student has incurred fees due to a late withdrawal under exceptional circumstances the student may apply for a fee remission.