Sports Law published student work

Former students in the Sports Law program have made a significant contribution to the published literature on sports law.

The following is a list in reverse-chronological order of student work appearing as books, book chapters and journal articles.


  • David Trodden, The Commission We Had To Have; Rugby League as a Sport and Business from Dally M to the NRL (Stoke Hill Press, 2019)
  • John Didulica, ‘Changing the Game: The Legal Framework for the Laws of the Game, Management of Human Performance Data and Related Safety Considerations in Women’s Professional Sport’ (2019) 18 (3-4) International Sports Law Journal 114-35


  • Lloyd Freeburn, Regulating International Sport; Power, Authority and Legitimacy (Brill Nijhoff, 2018)



  • Thomas Bragg, ‘Sports Governance Reform: Analysis of FIFA's Review Process and the Response to the Threat of Corruption and Reforms’(2016) 34 Company and Securities Law Journal 455
  • Mark Burrows, ‘Gender Discrimination in Sport: The Irrelevance of the Strength, Stamina and Physique Exception’ (2016) 96 The Commentator 2
  • Laura Douglas, ‘“Say it Ain’t So... Josephine?” The Risk of Match-fixing in Women’s Sport’ (2016) 97 The Commentator 3
  • Christian Frodl, ‘Neuer, Hummels, Müller, Götze & Co: The Legal Framework Governing Industrial Relations in German Professional Football’ (2016) International Sports Law Journal(online)


  • Nathan Deakes, ‘Match-fixing in Football: The Epistemology of the Court of Arbitration for Sport Jurisprudence’ (2015) 9 Australian and New Zealand Sports Law Journal 57-93
  • John Didulica, ‘Integrity in Sport: Protecting the Athlete Whistleblower’ (2015) 94 The Commentator 2
  • Christian Frodl, ‘Commercialisation of Sports Data: Rights of Event Owners over Information and Statistics Generated about their Sports Events’ (2015) 26 Marquette Sports Law Review 55-90
  • Anthony Crocker ‘The Integrity of Sport and the Privilege Against Self-Incrimination – Is ASADA Playing By the Rules?’ (2015) 9 Australian and New Zealand Sports Law Journal 27-56
  • Alexandra Veuthey, ‘FIFA Television Advertisement Chairman’s Ruling [2015] NZASA 320 (20 July 2015): A Beacon for FIFA through the Long White Cloud?’ (2015) 94 The Commentator 1
  • Alexandra Veuthey and Lloyd Freeburn, 'The Fight Against Hooliganism in England: Insights for Other Jurisdictions?' (2015) 16 Melbourne Journal of International Law 203-54
  • Danielle Wood, 'Giving Competition a Sporting Chance? The Role for Antitrust Laws in Promoting Competition from New Sporting Leagues in Australia and the United States.' (2015) 43 Australian Business Law Review 206-27


  • Andrew Vaitiekunas,The Court of Arbitration for Sport: Law-making and the Question of Independence (Stämpfli, 2014)
  • Alexandra Veuthey, 'Match-fixing and Governance in Cricket and Football: What is the Fix?' (2014) 14 (1-2) International Sports Law Journal 82-114


  • Paul Czarnota, 'FIFA Transfer Rules and Unilateral Termination without "Just Cause"' (2013) 2(3) Berkeley Journal of Entertainment and Sports Law 1-47
  • Robert Gough, 'FIFA's Internal Governance Reforms' (2013) 20(6) Sports Law; Administration & Practice 13-15
  • Alexandra Veuthey, Concussion in the National Football League: What Can We Learn? (Weblaw, 2013)
  • Alexandra Veuthey, 'Current and Future Regulation of Gambling in Switzerland and in the European Union: How Much Room for Advertising?' Jusletter (Switzerland), 29 April 2013
  • Alexandra Veuthey, 'Racism in English Premier League: Is Football Operating in a Cocoon? (2013) 13 International Sports Law Review 76-96
  • Alexandra Veuthey, 'Re-Questioning the Independence of the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Light of the Scope of its Review' (2013) International Sports Law Review 105-15


  • Anthony Crocker, 'Bringing the "Strangers" within the Rules of Racing' (2012) 7 Australian and New Zealand Sports Law Journal 33-62
  • Paul Czarnota, 'AFL, the Joint Venture Defence and the Single Economic Entity Theory' (2012) 20 Australian Journal of Competition and Consumer Law 149-70
  • Paul Czarnota, 'Athlete Privacy Rights and Endorsement Contracts: An Analysis of US, UK and Australian Law' (2012) 11 Virginia Sports and Entertainment Law Journal 460-505
  • Paul Czarnota, 'The World Anti-doping Code, the Athlete's Duty of "Utmost Caution", and the Elimination of Cheating' (2012) 23 Marquette Sports Law Journal 45-73
  • Mark Lebbon, 'Field of Play Decisions and Fairness: Lessons from Sirengate' (2012) 7 Australian and New Zealand Sports Law Journal 121-35
  • Genevieve Lim, 'A Right to Sport: Theory, Evidence and Implications' (2012) 1-2 International Sports Law Journal 120-30
  • Tim Ross, 'Corruption in Cricket: Using the Law to Cull the Crooks from the Gentlemen's Game' (2012) 18(3) Sport and the Law Journal 28-45
  • Garth Towan, ‘Anti-Doping's Braver New World; To Criminalisation and Beyond’ (2012) 84 The Commentator 1
  • Alexandra Veuthey, 'Gender Verification: Between Fairness of Competition and Human Rights – A Comparative Law Approach' in Antonio Rigozzi, Dominique Sprumont and Yann Hafner (eds), Citius, Altius, Fortius, Mélanges en l'honneur du Professeur Denis Oswald (Helbing & Lichtenhahn, 2012) 131-70


  • Rachelle Downie, 'Improving the Performance of Sport's Ultimate Umpire: Reforming the Governance of the Court of Arbitration for Sport' (2011) 12 Melbourne Journal of International Law 315-44
  • Mark Lebbon, 'Taxation of Athletes Post Stone: Towards a Level Playing Field in the Era of Professionalism' (2011) 6 Australian and New Zealand Sports Law Journal 63-86
  • Lisa Thomas (with Jeremy Pearce), National Sporting Organisations and Director Independence: Best Practice or a Response to Crisis? (2011) 83 ANZSLA Commentator 39
  • David Trodden, 'Wests Tigers Rugby League Football v National Rugby League – The Case That Could Have Stopped the NRL' (2011) 6 Australian and New Zealand Sports Law Journal 1-33
  • James Paterson, 'AFL Club Members: Who Has a Voice?' BackPageLead, 7 February 2011
  • Daniel Stuk, 'Ticket Scalping: Advocating for the Event Organiser' (2011) 6 Australian and New Zealand Sports Law Journal 87-117



  • Lloyd Freeburn, 'European Football's Home-Grown Players Rules and Nationality Discrimination Under the European Community Treaty' (2009) 20 Marquette Sports Law Review 177-221
    • Republished in James A R Nafziger (ed), Transnational Law of Sports (Edward Elgar, 2013) 314-58
  • Russell Hoye, 'Public and Private Regulatory Issues Associated with Thoroughbred Racing Data' (2009) 1 International Journal of Sport Policy 145
  • James Paterson, 'Fantastic Figures; Online Sports Competitions Post Ice TV v Nine' (2009) 83(9) Law Institute Journal 31-3
  • James Paterson, 'TEAM: Together Every Club in a Professional Sports League Achieves More Collectively - But What Are the Antitrust Implications?' (2009) 20 Entertainment, Arts and Sports Law Journal 84-91
  • Victoria Wark, 'No Free Kicks: Copyright in the Sporting Arena' (2009) 28(3) Communications Law Bulletin 22




  • Paul Horvath, 'Anti-Doping and Human Rights in Sport: The Case of the AFL and the WADA Code' (2006) 32 Monash University Law Review 357-86
  • Ben Sellenger, 'Chasing the Golden Goose: A Legal Approach to Sports Accessing Gambling Revenue' (2006) 34 Australian Business Law Review 7-27
  • Julia Werren, 'Law, Pregnancy and Sport: What Are the Repercussions When a Pregnant Lady Plays?' (2006) 14 Journal of Law and Medicine 45-63


  • Emma Bicknell Goodwin, 'Rules, Referees and Retribution: Disciplining Employee Athletes in Professional Team Sports' (2005) 18 Australian Journal of Labour Law 240-69


  • Bill Ladas, 'Australian Athletes Need a Statutory Publicity Right' (2004) 56 Intellectual Property Forum 38-54


  • Darren Kane, 'Twenty Years On: An Evaluation of the Court of Arbitration for Sport' (2003) 4 Melbourne Journal of International Law 611-36
    • Republished in Ian Blackshaw, Robert Siekmann and Janwillem Soek (eds), The Court of Arbitration for Sport 1984-2004 (TMC Asser Press, 2006) 455-77
    • Republished in James A R Nafziger (ed), Transnational Law of Sports (Edward Elgar, 2013) 622-46
  • Ben Sellenger, 'Genetic Testing: The Future of Athlete Selection?' (2003) 2 Virginia Sports and Entertainment Law Journal 207-53



  • Jean-Pierre Blais, 'The  Protection of Exclusive Television Rights to Sporting Events Held in  Public Venues: An Overview of the Law in Australia and Canada' (1992) 18 Melbourne University Law Review 503-39
  • Eugenie Buckley, SportsLaw: Name and Image (National Publishing Group, 1998)
  • Eugenie Buckley, 'Athlete or Employee? Is the Different Treatment Accorded to Professional Team Athletes Under Workers' Compensation Legislation Justified? (1996) 26 Queensland Law Society Journal 523-34
  • Simon Davidson, 'The Single Economic Entity Theory and Sports Leagues in Australia' (1994) 2 Competition and Consumer Law Journal 171-200
  • Rebecca Furlong, 'Tobacco Advertising Legislation and the Sponsorship of Sport' (1994) 22 Australian Business Law Review 159-89
  • Maeve McDonagh, 'Restrictive Provisions in Player Agreements' (1991) 4 Australian Journal of Labour Law 126-50