Professor Karen Yeung

  • Professor Karen Yeung

Senior Fellow (Melbourne Law Masters)
King's College London, United Kingdom


Melbourne-born and bred, Karen Yeung helped establish the Centre for Technology, Ethics and Law in Society (TELOS) in 2006, of which she is now Director at King’s College London. She spent 10 years at Oxford University as a lecturer and Fellow in Law at St Anne’s College. Her expertise lies in the field of regulation and governance, with a particular interest in the design and operation of institutions and policy instruments for shaping and constraining behaviour, and the use of ‘design’ as an instrument of control. Karen has acted as an adviser to many government departments in Australia and the United Kingdom. She has contributed to several governmental reform projects in the area of regulatory enforcement. She is admitted to practice as a barrister and solicitor of the Supreme Court of Victoria, having completed a brief stint in professional legal practice.


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