Dr Lael Weis

  • Dr Lael Weis


+61 3 9035 4527 | lweis@unimelb.edu.au | Room 0948


Dr Weis joined Melbourne Law School in July 2010 as a McKenzie Post-Doctoral Fellow and commenced as a Lecturer in July 2013. She holds a PhD and JD from Stanford University from the Department of Philosophy and Law School. She completed her dissertation, Public Purpose, Common Good: Constitutional Property in the Democratic State, while a fellow at the Stanford Humanities Center during the 2009-10 academic year. Her principal research interests lie at the intersection of constitutional legal theory, democratic political theory, and comparative constitutional law. She also has a related set of research interests in property theory and political philosophy.

Dr Weis organises the MLS Legal Theory Workshop, a discussion group for works in progress in legal theory that draws guests from around Australia and overseas. She is also the current Treasurer of the Australian Society of Legal Philosophy.


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