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  • Dr Tess Hardy

    Senior Lecturer

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Dr Tess Hardy is a Senior Lecturer with Melbourne Law School. Her teaching and research interests include employment law, contract, regulatory compliance and enforcement, and competition and consumer protection laws.

Tess graduated from Melbourne Law School with an honours degree in law and in arts in 2004. She also holds a Masters of Law degree from Melbourne Law School. As part of her Masters, Tess completed a minor thesis on the evolution of the regulatory agency responsible for enforcement of employment standards in Australia. In 2014, she completed her PhD at Melbourne Law School on the regulatory enrolment of non-state actors by the Fair Work Ombudsman. Her post-doctoral research relates to the regulation of work in fragmented business networks, including supply chains and franchises, in a domestic and transnational context. In 2015, Tess was commissioned by the International Labour Office to conduct research in this area. In 2017, Tess expanded on this research while a visiting fellow at Magdalen College, Oxford University.

From 2005 to 2010, Tess worked as a lawyer and senior associate at a number of national law firms in Melbourne, Tokyo and Hong Kong. Her practice was principally in the area of employment and labour law, but she was also engaged in work in corporate, competition and consumer regulation during this period. From 2010 to 2013, Tess was employed as a Research Fellow at the Centre for Employment and Labour Relations Law. In this period, Tess was engaged in an ARC Linkage Project (with partner organisation, the Fair Work Ombudsman) which sought to examine the role and operation of the federal labour inspectorate in Australia. She was previously the Associate Editor of the Australian Journal of Labour Law and currently sits on the national committee of the Australian Labour Law Association.

Tess teaches 'Contracts' and 'Obligations' in the JD and 'Employment Contract Law' and 'Principles of Employment Law' in the Masters Program at Melbourne Law School.

Tess’ published work deals mostly with achieving regulatory compliance with employment regulation through public and private governance mechanisms. Tess' most recent work includes the following:

  • Tess Hardy, ‘Watch this Space: Mapping the Actors Involved in the Implementation of Labour Standards Regulation in Australia’ in John Howe, Anna Chapman and Ingrid Landau (eds) The Evolving Project of Labour Law: Foundations, Development and Future Research Directions (Federation Press, 2017);
  • Tess Hardy, ‘Reconsidering the Notion of Employer in the Era of the Fissured Workplace: Traversing the Legislative Landscape in Australia’ in Hiroya Nakakubo and Takashi Araki (eds) The Notion of Employer in the Era of the Fissured Workplace: Should Labour Law Responsibilities Exceed the Boundary of the Legal Entity (Kluwer Law, 2017);
  • Tess Hardy, ‘Who Should Be Held Liable for Workplace Contraventions and On What Basis?’ (2016) 29(1) Australian Journal of Labour Law 78.


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