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  • Same Sex Marriage, Religious Freedom and The Law

    As Australians vote in the same sex marriage survey, the national debate has focused on anxiety over whether religious freedom could be negatively affected. So what exactly does discrimination law say on the issue?

  • The Legal Maze of the Marriage Equality Survey

    As Australians prepare to have their say on same-sex marriage, Professor Adrienne Stone, Laureate Professor Cheryl Saunders, Professor Michael Crommelin and Dr William Partlett look at the High Court challenge to the Marriage Law Survey

  • Section 44: Changing the Constitution to Reflect Modern Australia

    As Section 44(i) of the Constitution continues to claim the scalps of Australian politicians who have dual citizenship - is the law still relevant in modern, multicultural Australia?

  • Q&A: Recognising Australia's First Peoples ... Properly

    Australia’s debate on how to amend the Constitution to recognise its first peoples is set to culminate soon in a Indigenous Constitutional Convention. Professor Adrienne Stone was asked what it all means.