Career Outcomes

Melbourne Law School graduates are employed in a wide range of roles across many industries. This page offers a summary of the most recent employment outcomes of our JD graduates of 2013 and 2014.

Download the full report (PDF, 1658.48 KB)

MLS conducted comprehensive surveys of the JD class of 2013 (at 16-months after completion of degree) and the JD class 2014 (at 18 months after completion of degree) to get a clear picture of graduate career outcomes.

We are delighted that in the most recent survey, the class of 2014 reported an employment rate of 98% with nearly three quarters employed in law and many others employed in good graduate positions. The class of 2013 reported an employment rate of 95% at the 16-month mark. In a difficult market, this is an outstanding outcome and sets up our graduates well for their careers.

The full survey report provides a list of the number and variety of MLS graduate employers, serving as a useful reminder about the range of potential employers and sectors in which a law degree is considered valuable.

In recent years there has been considerable concern about employment outcomes for law students. While the government collects data about employment outcomes from various courses around the country, this data is collected only a couple of months out from graduation (when many law students are still completing Practical Legal Training) and does not include information about the type of jobs that graduates obtain.

In order to provide a clearer picture of graduate outcomes, Melbourne Law School wanted to make better quality data available to both current and potential students.

Survey results

Employment Outcomes: 2013 JD graduates, 16-months after completion

Employment outcome of JD Class of 2013
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Employment Outcomes: 2014 JD graduates, 18-months after completion

Employment outcome of JD Class of 2014
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The surveys include results from 80% of the 2014 cohort and over 90% of the 2013 cohort. This means that the data is robust and gives a good picture of employment outcomes. The results cover hundreds of students and many of the employers listed in the full report (particularly the national and international law firms and the Supreme Court) employed a number of our graduates.

What does it mean for me?

The fact that we have certain outcomes in a given year does not guarantee that those results will be consistent over time – the position for law graduates may get better or worse depending on the economy and other factors.  

We will continue to provide you with the best data that we can each year to help you make an informed decision about whether to study law and to help those who are studying law to understand their likely work outcomes and to consider the range of job opportunities potentially available to them.  

It should be noted that these results are only for Melbourne Law School graduates – other law schools may have very different outcomes and you should ask them for more details.

Download the full report (PDF, 1658.48 KB)