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We are waiting on further information from the Australian Government on the Higher Education Reform Package announced in the 2017-18 Budget.

The changes proposed in this reform package have not yet been passed into legislation.

These proposed changes will not affect fees for most international students.

Key changes that will affect students enrolling in 2018:

  • In 2018 the University of Melbourne will have an unchanged number of Commonwealth Supported Places (CSP) for domestic students who enter our undergraduate degrees. These students will be eligible to apply for a CSP or Australian Fee place for graduate courses in the future, should they successfully complete the course prerequisites. The government’s plans for funding graduate CSPs for 2019 and beyond are not clear at this stage. The University will provide full details on their webpage once they are known.
  • From 1 July 2018, there will be revised repayment thresholds under the Higher Education Loan Program (HELP) that includes a new minimum threshold of $45,000 with a 1 per cent repayment rate and a maximum threshold of $131,989 with a 10 per cent repayment rate. The minimum HELP repayment will be reduced to $51,956 for the 2018/19 income year.
  • From 1 January 2019, a combined lifetime limit will apply for all tuition fee assistance under HECS-HELP, FEE-HELP, VET FEE-HELP and VET Student Loans of $104,440 for most students and $150,000 for students undertaking medicine, dentistry and veterinary science courses.
  • The Government has confirmed that for 2018 there will be no changes to the current arrangements for New Zealand citizens and Australian Permanent Residents, so these students will be eligible for CSPs.

Information on Australian fee-paying places

You can check the Australian Department of Education for updates and further information.

Commonwealth Supported Places

Australian citizens, permanent residents of Australia and citizens of New Zealand are automatically considered for a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) when they submit their application for the Melbourne JD.

Melbourne Law School awards a substantial number of Commonwealth Supported Places (CSPs) with a minimum of 20% awarded on access and equity grounds under the Graduate Access Melbourne program. The remaining CSPs are awarded on the basis of published selection criteria.

As a Commonwealth Supported student your tuition costs are subsidised by the Government. Students who commence study in a Commonwealth Supported Place at the University of Melbourne will pay the student contribution amounts by subjects in the disciplines and courses.

Australian citizens and students who hold a permanent humanitarian visa who will be resident in Australia for the duration of the unit can apply for HECS-HELP which helps students pay their student contribution for unit(s) of study in which they are enrolled as a CSP student.

Domestic and International Fees

The tuition fees for the Melbourne JD in 2018 are:

$4,932 per 12.5 credit point subject

The indicative cost of the standard three year program for students commencing in 2018 is $124,385. This is an estimate only that is provided to assist you in making your decisions. The University guarantees that fees will not increase by more than 5% for subjects in any year.

You may be eligible for the government-sponsored loan FEE-HELP, which enables you to defer your contribution and pay it back over time through the tax system.

Please note, there is currently a gap between the amount you can access through FEE-HELP and the cost of the Melbourne JD. The FEE-HELP amount that will be available to students commencing in 2018 is $105,000* over a three year degree. This will leave a gap between FEE-HELP and the cost of a standard course of approximately $19,000 that will need to be paid during your JD degree. Please see below for a range of forms of financial assistance that may be able to assist you with this cost.

* This amount is an estimate only based on a 1.5% increase in FEE-HELP per year. The actual level of increase for FEE-HELP in 2018 and subsequent years has not yet been announced.

Scholarships and financial assistance

There are a number of options available to help Melbourne JD students finance their studies, including scholarships, financial aid programs and loan schemes such as FEE-HELP and HECS-HELP.

Melbourne Law School offers a range of bursaries and scholarships that recognise outstanding academic achievement and provide support to deserving students in financial need.

The Melbourne JD Bursary

Melbourne Law School offers at least 100 Melbourne JD Bursaries to domestic fee-paying students. The bursaries will entitle each student to JD fee relief of up to $19,000. Bursaries will be awarded based on financial need, academic achievement or a combination of both.

More information on scholarships

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