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Melbourne Law School are making positive changes to the way it financially supports JD students. From 2024, MLS will offer more assistance than ever to enable students to undertake and complete the JD at Melbourne Law School, with a particular focus on Graduate Access Melbourne applicants.

The Melbourne Law School aims to ensure that the future legal community reflects society. The School is committed to helping more students from a range of diverse backgrounds to undertake and complete the Juris Doctor. Part of this fund is committed to offering 110 Melbourne Law School Supported Places for students commencing on the Juris Doctor, which provides financial support to students in the same way as a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP).

Frequently asked questions for 2024 intake

  • What is a Melbourne Law School Supported Place?

    A Melbourne Law School Supported Place is an Australian Fee Place with a scholarship attached. It is available for the 2024 intake.

  • What is the value of the Melbourne Law School Supported Place?

    The scholarship covers a significant portion of the course fee, so that the remaining student contribution amount is equivalent to that of a student with a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP).

  • How is the Melbourne Law School Supported Place scholarship paid?

    The scholarship is a fee remission (not a payment directly to you) and this discount appears on your Fee Statement each year for the three years of the Juris Doctor. The scholarship will be applied at the start of each year of study.

  • How do I know the Melbourne Law School Supported Place has been applied?

    After the scholarship has been applied, it will show up on your online Fee Account Statement under the Scholarship/Sponsorship column. The amount will be applied over the three years and you will see a deduction (over all subjects) in your Fee Account Statement.

  • If I’m awarded the a Melbourne Law School Supported Place am I still eligible to defer my fees via FEE-HELP?


  • Where can I check my combined HELP balance?

    See information about how to check your combined HELP balance and indicative course fees for the JD.

    The amount you can defer each year to HELP is also indexed which increases the amount you can borrow (see next FAQ).

    You will need to check this information carefully throughout your studies so that you understand your fee liability and how much you may be deferring.

    Further details regarding University of Melbourne fees.

  • Does the amount I can defer to HELP increase each year?

    Yes, each year the amount you can defer to HELP is indexed (increased) in line with changes in the cost of living. Further information on indexation.

  • What if I am studying part-time and will take longer than three years to complete my JD course?

    The scholarship will be applied to the subjects that you take in each year of your JD.

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