Associate Professor Andrew Roberts


Andrew Roberts joined Melbourne Law School in 2011. He was previously an Assistant, and later, Associate Professor in the School of Law at the University of Warwick (2005-2011), and before that, a lecturer in the Law School at the University of Leeds (2003-2005).

His research interests lie in criminal procedure and evidence, privacy, and constitutional and political theory. He is a co-author of Identification: Investigation, Trial and Scientific Evidence, the second edition of which was published in 2011. He has published widely on issues relating to eyewitness identification evidence and on expert evidence. His work has been cited by courts in Australia, Canada and New Zealand. His current research uses republican political theory as a framework for thinking about privacy issues that arise at various stages of the criminal process.

Andrew has been a Visiting Senior Fellow in the School of Law at the University of New South Wales (2009), and visiting scholar in the Law School at City University London (2013), and the Department of Philosophy at the University of Amsterdam (2013). He is an external member of the Amsterdam Platform for Privacy Research (APPR) at the University of Amsterdam, and an Associate of the Centre for Media and Communications Law at Melbourne Law School.


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