Professor Ann Genovese

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Ann Genovese is a Professor at the Melbourne Law School. She teaches and researches in the fields of public law, history, and jurisprudence.  She is a Law and Humanities specialist; with expertise in explaining and caring for the archival sources, and techniques, that show how Australian people have lived with their law.  Her work has been integral to the establishment of an emergent practice – jurisography. She publishes widely across feminist jurisprudence, history, Indigenous and non-Indigenous relations, law and interdisciplinary fields. She has been the recipient of six ARC grants over the course of her career, often working with institutions, to research the history, theory and lived experiences of the relations between Australian law and its diverse publics. Her publications include: Rights and Redemption: History, Law, Indigenous People (Sydney: UNSW Press, 2008) (with Curthoys and Reilly); Sovereignty: Frontiers of Possibility (University of Hawaii Press, 2013) (with Evans, Wolfe, Reilly); Australian Critical Decisions: Remembering the Koowarta and Tasmanian Dam Case (Routledge, 2017), The Court As Archive (ANU Press, 2019) (with Rubenstein and Luker); and Feminist Jurisography: Law, History, Writing (Routledge, forthcoming 2022).

Ann welcomes conversations about supervision and collaborations, on topics and  methods  related to Indigenous- non-Indigenous relations; Australian archival stories and ethics; and  feminist and Queer jurisprudence and history.

Other Faculty and University Responsibilities

  • JD Selection Committee (and Graduate Access Melbourne subcommittee), (2016 - )
  • Reconciliation and Recognition Committee, (2018 - )
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Heritage Oversight Committee (ATSICHO Committee) (Legal, Research and Commercialisation Working Group), (2021-)
  • Diversity and Inclusion Committee (Associate Dean and Chair), (July 2022-)

Memberships and Affiliations

  • Institute of International Law and The Humanities
  • Australian and New Zealand Law and History Society

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