Professor Anne Orford

  • Professor Anne Orford

Redmond Barry Distinguished Professor
Michael D Kirby Professor of International Law
ARC Kathleen Fitzpatrick Laureate Fellow

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Anne Orford is Redmond Barry Distinguished Professor, the inaugural holder of the Michael D Kirby Chair of International Law, and an Australian Laureate Fellow at Melbourne Law School. Professor Orford has held numerous visiting positions globally, including Visiting Professor and John Harvey Gregory Lecturer on World Organization at Harvard Law School, Senior Emile Noël Research Fellow at New York University, Visiting Professor at the Sorbonne Law School (Université Paris 1), Raoul Wallenberg Visiting Chair in International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law at Lund University, Torgny Segerstedt Visiting Professor at the University of Gothenburg, and Hedda Andersson Visiting Research Chair at Lund University. She is a past President of the Australian and New Zealand Society of International Law and a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia.

Her major publications include Reading Humanitarian Intervention (Cambridge University Press, 2003), International Law and its Others (Cambridge University Press, 2006), International Authority and the Responsibility to Protect (Cambridge University Press, 2011), The Oxford Handbook of the Theory of International Law (Oxford University Press, 2016) (co-edited), and Pensée Critique et Pratique du Droit International (Pedone, 2020). Her latest monograph, International Law and the Politics of History, and a co-edited collection, Revolutions in International Law: The Legacies of 1917, will both be published by Cambridge University Press in early 2021. She is the author of more than fifty scholarly articles and book chapters and is a contributor to the London Review of Books Blog.

Her scholarship combines study of the history, theory, and practice of international law, and an engagement with debates in social theory, economics, history, and philosophy, in order to trace the role of international law in shaping social, political, ecological, and economic transformations. Her research has focused on the relationship of international law to some of the most pressing issues of our time, including the rise of populism and the crisis of liberal internationalism, the expansion of militarisation as a practice of governance within and between states, the uneven global distribution of food insecurity, the use of naval operations and detention as responses to mass displacement, and the effects of international trade and investment agreements on decision-making about public health, labour rights, and environmental protection.

Recognition of her work includes the award of honorary doctorates of laws by Lund University (2012), the University of Gothenburg (2012), and the University of Helsinki (2017), election to the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia (2016), the award of the Woodward Medal for Excellence in Humanities and Social Sciences by the University of Melbourne (2013), and three competitive Fellowships awarded by the Australian Research Council: an Australian Professorial Fellowship (2007-11), a Future Fellowship (2012-15), and the Kathleen Fitzpatrick Australian Laureate Fellowship (2015-20). She will present a Special Course at the Hague Academy of International Law in 2021.

She has presented keynote and plenary addresses at annual conferences of the American Society of International Law, the Australian Historical Association, the Australian and New Zealand Society of International Law, the European Society of International Law, the French Society of International Law, the Korean Society of International Law, and the Law and Society Association, and presented her research by invitation to governments, international organizations, nongovernmental organizations, and university audiences in Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Colombia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Italy, Japan, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Professor Orford was founding co-convenor, with Dino Kritsiotis and Joseph Weiler, of the Annual Junior Faculty Forum for International Law, was the founding Director of the Institute for International Law and the Humanities at Melbourne Law School, and directed the ARC-funded Laureate Program in International Law at Melbourne Law School from 2015 to 2020.

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