Associate Professor Austin Lovegrove

  • Associate Professor Austin Lovegrove

    Principal Fellow

+61 3 9035 5233 | | Room 0909A


Austin Lovegrove is an honorary principal fellow in the Law School at the University of Melbourne, and was head of Criminology at the University. He has a PhD in behavioral science from the University of Melbourne. His research interests are in sentencing, and involve both empirical and legal analyses. In particular, his research is in the areas of public opinion and the public's sense of justice, judicial decision-making, and sentencing guidelines and guidance. He was a member of the Victorian Committee of Enquiry into Sentencing, chaired by the late Sir John Starke, which reported to the Government in 1988. He is also a Fellow of Goodenough College in London, a residential college for postgraduate students principally from the Commonwealth.

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