Dr Catherine O'Rourke

Senior Fellow (Melbourne Law Masters)

Durham University, United Kingdom


Dr Catherine O'Rourke is Professor of Global Law at Durham Law School. She researches, teaches and engages in policy work in the fields of gender, conflict, transitional justice and international law. Her work has been published widely, including in the European Journal of International Law, International and Comparative Law Quarterly, International journal of Transitional Justice and Harvard Journal of Human Rights. Her new monograph in entitled Women's Rights in Armed Conflict under International Law (Cambridge University Press, 2020). Catherine’s scholarship has been recognized with the Ulster University Faculty Distinguished Research Fellowship (2019/20), the Irish Fulbright Scholar Award (2016/17) and the Basil Chubb Prize (2010) for the best PhD in politics produced in an Irish university. Catherine holds an LLB Law with Politics from Queen's University Belfast and MSc Gender from the London School of Economics. Her PhD, from Ulster University Transitional Justice Institute, was subsequently published as a monograph, 'Gender Politics in Transitional Justice' (Routledge, 2013). She works with the Irish and UK governments, the United Nations and several non-governmental organisations in policy work related to her expertise. She is regularly commissioned by intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations to conduct expert research, such as UN Women, the Office of the High Commission on Human Rights, and the International Criminal Court Trust Fund for Victims.

Teaching (2023)

Melbourne Law Masters