Associate Professor Dale Smith


Dale Smith’s research focuses primarily on analytic legal philosophy, especially on the jurisprudential writings of Ronald Dworkin. He also writes on theoretical aspects of statutory interpretation and (with Colin Campbell) on anti-discrimination law.

Dale’s recent publications include ‘Deliberative Freedoms and the Asymmetric Features of Anti-Discrimination Law’ (with Colin Campbell) (2017) 67(3) University of Toronto Law Journal 247; ‘Is the High Court Mistaken about the Aim of Statutory Interpretation?’ (2016) 44(2) Federal Law Review 227; ‘Direct Discrimination without a Comparator: Moving to a Test of Unfavourable Treatment’ (with Colin Campbell) (2015) 43(1) Federal Law Review 91; ‘Agreement and Disagreement in Law’ (2015) 28(1) Canadian Journal of Law and Jurisprudence 183; ‘Law, Justice and the Unity of Value’ (2012) 32 Oxford Journal of Legal Studies 383; and ‘Must the Law Be Capable of Possessing Authority?’ (2012) 18 Legal Theory 69. Together with Lisa Burton Crawford and Patrick Emerton, he is co-editor of a forthcoming festschrift for Emeritus Professor Jeff Goldsworthy (Lisa Burton Crawford, Patrick Emerton and Dale Smith (ed), Law under a Democratic Constitution: Essays in Honour of Jeffrey Goldsworthy (forthcoming, Hart, 2019)).

Dale graduated from the University of Melbourne in 1998 with first class honours degrees in Law and Arts. He also holds a Masters of Arts in Philosophy from the University of Melbourne and a D.Phil in Law from the University of Oxford.  His doctoral thesis was on the implications for adjudication of the debate between moral objectivists and anti-objectivists.

Prior to joining Melbourne Law School in 2014, Dale was a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Law at Monash University. He was a Visiting Academic at the Faculty of Laws, University College London in October 2012.


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