Erica Grundell

  • Erica Grundell

Senior Fellow (Melbourne Law Masters)
Victorian Department of Health and Human Services


Erica Grundell completed Arts and Honours Law degrees from the University of Melbourne in 1991. After a period in private practice, she worked for two years as solicitor to the Victorian Mental Health Review Board.

Since 1996, Erica has worked for the Victorian Government, providing legal policy advice to the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). Her work has included management of major legislative policy, review and reform projects in mental health, and more recently, Departmental strategic policy and law reform projects.

Erica has a Masters degree in Law from the University of Melbourne. Her research has focussed on the intersection of health law, ethics and policy and its implications for health practitioners, and her work has been published in the Monash Bioethics Review and in Psychiatry, Psychology and Law. She is previous co-author of the mental health law chapter in the Victorian Lawyers' Practice Manual.