Associate Professor Glenn Patmore


Glenn Patmore studied law at Monash University and Queen’s University, Canada. Before coming to Melbourne Law School (MLS), Glenn was a member of the Faculty of Law at Monash University. Glenn’s research focuses on the legal regulation of democratic participation, with reference to constitutional amendment, constitutional freedoms, freedom from discrimination and workplace participation. He is the author of a large body of published work on these topics including: two monographs, six books of collected essays, numerous book chapters, and many scholarly articles.  His work has been published in numerous journals including the Melbourne University Law Review, Federal Law Review, Public Law Review, Comparative Labor Law and Policy Journal and Queen’s Law Journal.  He has also contributed chapters to field-specific handbooks published by Oxford University Press and Edward Elgar. You can read reviews of Glenn's books here.

Glenn has presented his research at numerous Australian and overseas universities, including Cambridge University, the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), King’s College London, Queen’s University (Canada), and the Paris-Sorbonne University.  He has also been invited to give several presentations to the Industrial Relations Commission of New South Wales.  Glenn’s presentations span domestic and comparative law as well as interdisciplinary fields.

Glenn has taught legal methods and reasoning, public law, constitutional law, and tort law. His JD elective subject, entitled Democracy, Law and Civil Liberties, examines case law from Australia and the United States. Glenn helped found the MLS Law School Equality Committee and was the inaugural Faculty Student Disability Equal Opportunity Liaison Officer. Glenn also co-organised the MLS Faculty Research Seminar Series from 2015 to 2017.

Some presentations of his work include:

  1. Glenn Patmore, ‘Freedom of Expression, Political Protest and the Occupy Movement: a Comparative Analysis’ (Paper presented at the Public Law Conference 2016: The Unity of Public Law?, Faculty of Law, Cambridge University, 13 September 2016).
  2. Glenn Patmore, Paul Gollan and Cathy Xu, ‘Evaluating Social Partnerships in the Australian Context’ presentation to Industrial Relations Commission of NSW Education Committee, at the Commission’s Annual Conference (September 2016).
  3. Glenn Patmore, ‘Public Law, Democratisation and Protest – the Case of Hall’, paper presented at Developing Democracy: Conversations on Democratic Governance in International, European and Comparative Law, 4th Annual Conference of the Cambridge Journal of International and Comparative Law, University of Cambridge (8 – 9 May 2015).
  4. Glenn Patmore and Paul Gollan, ‘Collaborative Employment Relations Seminar’, paper presented to the Judicial Commission of New South Wales and the Industrial Relations Court of New South Wales (5 August 2015).
  5. Glenn Patmore, ‘Public Law and Democratisation: Protest and Inclusion – The Occupy Movement’ (Paper presented at the London School of Economics Legal and Political Theory Forum, London School of Economics, 15 October 2014).
  6. Glenn Patmore, Discussant, Law of Deliberative Democracy Symposium, Somerset House, King’s College London, 9 April 2013.
  7. Glenn Patmore and Paul Gollan, ‘Theoretical Perspectives of Legal Regulation and Employee Participation at the Workplace’ (Paper presented at the Re-assessing Employee Involvement and Participation: International Perspectives Symposium, Griffith University, 15 August 2012)
  8. Glenn Patmore, ‘The Legal Spectrum of Representative Consultation: Information and Consultation of Employees in Australia, the European Union and the United States’ (Paper presented at the International Industrial Relations Association 15th World Congress, Sydney, 24–27 August 2009).
  9. Glenn Patmore, ‘Choosing the Republic’ (Paper presented at the Constitutionalism and Political Morality Symposium in honour of John Whyte, Donald Gordon Centre, Queen’s University, Ontario, 30 September 2005).
  10. Glenn Patmore, ‘How Can We be Happy at Work? Rethinking the Role of Labour Law’ (Speech delivered to Faculty and Graduate Students, Sorbonne University, 2 February 2005).


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Equal Opportunity Disability Liaison Officers (Law Faculty)
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Member of the Australian Labour Law Association
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