Jan Job de Vries Robbé

Senior Fellow (Melbourne Law Masters)

Dutch Development Bank FMO, The Netherlands

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Jan Job (JJ) is passionate about sustainable finance and impact investing – structuring and implementing solutions is his bread and butter. With more than 20 years’ experience in international development finance, he creates value by empowering high-performance teams, and aligning mission with ambition. He is energised to work with clients in frontier markets and make a genuine impact towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) every day.

JJ brings in-depth financial law and markets experience across a range of asset classes with client relationship, advocacy, stakeholder management and technical skills. He developed these skills on the job through litigation, structuring, execution and team management roles for pioneering banks and first tier law firms in The Netherlands and Australia.

As an expert in international sustainable finance, he lectures at the European University Institute in Florence, the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, the University of Melbourne (for 20 years), Erasmus University Rotterdam and the University of Sydney (for 15 years).

At the Melbourne and Sydney Law Schools Masters program, he has taught a variety of subjects, including debt capital markets, derivatives, impact investing, international financial transactions, international sustainable finance, and securitisation. In this role he’s motivated to challenge and empower great minds of a new generation. He has published a series of books on structured finance and securitisation. When time allows, he runs a LinkedIn blog on sustainable finance, entitled ‘Cut the Crap.

JJ empowers professionals with empathy and a ‘rolling up the sleeves’ mentality; advising clients on sustainable debt financing, blended finance and impact investing solutions; coaching and mentoring professionals; sourcing and implementing generative and other AI applications.

He is especially proud of leading and empowering two teams of highly professional and diverse lawyers and invaluable support staff (one on the debt side, and one on the equity side) through a decade of challenging change.