Janice Luck

Senior Fellow (Melbourne Law Masters)


Janice has been a long time member in the Law School at the University of Melbourne. For many years Janice taught intellectual property law in the Melbourne Law Masters.

Janice's recent and current research focuses on trade marks. In particular, she has embarked on a detailed review of three significant concepts. Firstly that of deceptively similar trade marks, secondly the tests for determining whether goods and services are of the same description or are closely related and lastly the concept of trade mark use. She has completed the first two and is currently working on the third."

Janice previously held appointments in the Faculty of Law at Monash University where she taught intellectual property law both at graduate and under-graduate level.  Janice has a Bachelor of Law with First Class Honours from the University of Tasmania and a Master of Law from London University.

Janice was a Special Counsel at DLA Phillips Fox lawyers, held memberships at the Intellectual Property Committee of the Law Council of Australia, Federal Government's Working Party to Review the Trade Marks Legislation and the Federal Government's Copyright Law Review Committee. She was also a Consultant to the Australian Law Reform Commission on their Designs Law Reference.