Mr Jonathan Liberman


Jonathan Liberman is Director of the McCabe Centre for Law and Cancer, a joint initiative of Cancer Council Victoria and the Union for International Cancer Control based at CCV in Melbourne, Australia. The McCabe Centre’s mission is to contribute to the effective use of the law for cancer prevention, treatment, supportive care and research.

Jonathan is a lawyer with over fifteen years' experience in legal and policy research, advice, training and technical support relating to cancer control at both domestic and global levels. Jonathan has participated in numerous international intergovernmental meetings, particularly in relation to the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO FCTC) and the UN Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs (in relation to the availability of controlled medicines for the relief of pain). Under Jonathan’s leadership, the McCabe Centre has become a WHO FCTC knowledge hub, assisting the Convention Secretariat to facilitate the exchange of information and cooperation between Parties to the Convention, with a focus on legal challenges to implementation of the Convention, and established an international legal training program that builds capacity and expertise in the use of law for cancer / NCD prevention and control, particularly in the context of developing coherence between health, trade, investment, human rights and sustainable development. The program is targeted primarily at government lawyers from low- and middle-income countries and run in collaboration with the World Health Organization. It has had participants from over 70 countries.

Jonathan has published numerous articles and book chapters on the relationships between law and cancer control, and co-edited two books (with Professors Tania Voon and Andrew Mitchell), Public Health and Plain Packaging of Cigarettes: Legal Issues, and Regulating Tobacco, Alcohol and Unhealthy Foods: The Legal Issues.

Jonathan is a member of the Lancet Oncology Commission on Global Cancer Surgery. He holds degrees in Arts and Law (first class honours) (Monash) and a Master of Public and International Law (Melbourne).