Dr Ross Becroft

  • Dr Ross Becroft

Senior Fellow (Melbourne Law Masters)
Gross & Becroft


Dr Ross Becroft is a Senior Fellow at Melbourne Law School. He is a principal at Gross & Becroft Lawyers, specialising in International Trade, Customs and Commercial Law. For almost 25 years Dr Becroft has representing parties in a range of international trade-related matters including Anti-Dumping and Countervailing Duty Investigations, Customs and Excise Duty Disputes, Tariff Concessions, Export Subsidies, Export Controls, Free Trade Agreements and Shipping and Trade in Goods disputes.

Dr Becroft is the Co-Chair of the Trade and Business Committee of the Law Council of Australia and is an officer of International Trade and Customs Law Committee of the International Bar Association. Ross holds a PhD from the University of Melbourne and is the author of the text The Standard of Review in WTO Dispute Settlement: Critique and Development, Edward Elgar, UK & USA 2012. He has authored numerous articles on international trade matters in industry, professional and academic publications.


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