MLS Alumni Seminar Series

The Alumni Seminar Series is an exclusive program for MLS alumni. Each seminar features a prominent guest speaker drawn from our alumni community.

Past Seminars

4 June 2019

Presenter: Phillip Greenham, Arbitrator at Arbitration Chambers
Topic: A construction lawyer's journey

14 May 2019

Presenter: Professor Jack Anderson, Director of Studies, Sport Law at Melbourne Law School
Topic: Integrity in Sport

2 April 2019

Presenter: Emma Weston (LLB(Hons) 1996, BA 1995), CEO and co-founder of AgriDigital
Topic: The emergence of digital trust and the local supply chain

27 November 2018

Presenter: Stuart Fuller & Kate Marshall, Partners of KPMG Law
Topic: Technology, law and ethics 

23 October 2018

Presenter: Dr Matthew Collins QC (PhD 2000), President of the Victorian Bar
Topic: Frakenstein's Monster: The State of Australian Defamation Law, 2018

11 September 2018

Presenter: Sheree Rubinstein (LLB, BA 2011), co-founder of One Roof
Topic: Entrepreneurship: Thriving as a female founder

17 July 2018

Presenter: Lord Mayor Sally Capp (BCom / LLB (Hons) 1991), Lord Mayor of the City of Melbourne
Topic: Being Lord Mayor: Reflections on the Lord Mayoral election campaign and the first 50 days in office

19 June 2018

Presenter: Mr Leon Zwier (PhD (Law 2004, PCHE 2002, MA (BLE) 2000, LLB (Hons) 1994), Partner of Arnold Bloch Leibler and Commissioner of Cricket Australia's Code of Behaviour Commission
Topic: Cricket sanctions: law or lore

15 May 2018

Presenter: Associate Professor Mark Taylor (PhD (Law 2004, PCHE 2002, MA (BLE) 2000, LLB (Hons) 1994), Deputy Director of the Centre for Health, Law and Emerging Technologies (HeLEX) and Associate Professor in Health Law and Regulation at the University of Melbourne
Topic: Health data in the information age: Is confidentiality a thing of the past?

17 April 2018

Presenter: Dr Anna Funder (MA (CrWrtg) 2002, LLB(Hons) 1991, BA(Hons) 1988, BA 1987), Award-winning Australian author
Topic: Behind 'Stasiland' and 'All that I am'

6 March 2018

Presenter: Mr Tim Wright (BA / LLB 2009), Asia-Pacific Director of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons 
Topic: The new UN treaty prohibiting nuclear weapons

14 November 2017

Presenter: Mr Tim Joyce (BCom / LLB(Hons) 1998), Co-Head of Macquarie Capital – Australia and New Zealand 
Topic: Australian businesses and capital markets as the world becomes smaller - are we set up for success?

10 October 2017

Presenter: Mr Tony Wilson (BA / LLB(Hons) 1995), Professional speaker, Author and Broadcaster 
Topic: For the love of speeches – What building Speakola taught me about the art of public speaking

12 September 2017

Presenter: Ms Georgina Downer (BCom / DipModLang(French) / LLB(Hons) 2003), Adjunct Fellow, Institute of Public Affairs 
Topic: Australia in Asia: where to next?

08 August 2017

Presenter: Mr Paul Bassat (BCom 1989, LLB 1990), Co-founder and major shareholder, Square Peg Capital 
Topic: Innovation and Disruption: change is the only constant

11 July 2017

Presenter: Mr Mark Leibler AC (LLB(Hons) 1966, LLD 2014), Senior Partner, Arnold Bloch Leibler 
Topic: Recognition: whose call is it anyway?

20 June 2017

Presenter: Ms Lucy Adams (BA / LLB(Hons) 2005), Manager and Principal Lawyer of Justice Connect Homeless Law 
Topic: The role of the law in tackling homelessness and poverty: the good, the bad and the ugly

9 May 2017

Presenter: Ms Elizabeth Kennedy (BA / LLB(Hons) 1975, LLM 1983, GradDipHealth&MedLaw 1997), General Counsel and Corporate Secretary of Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
Topic: Patient Centred Approaches to Treating and Caring for Cancer Patients

28 March 2017

Presenter: Ms Gabrielle Trainor AO (LLB 1977), Commissioner, Australian Football League 
Topic: Reflections of a crisis manager: "The Chinese use two brush strokes to write the word ‘crisis’. One stands for danger; the other for opportunity"

24 November 2016

Presenter: Mr Steven Smith (LLB 1977, DipDramaticArts 1984, LLM 1996), President, Melbourne Cricket Club 
Topic: MCG and the MCC: past, present and future

6 September 2016

Presenter: Associate Professor Kristen Walker QC (BSc 1991, LLB(Hons) 1991, LLM 1996), Barrister, Victorian Bar 
Topic: Asylum-seeker litigation — Malaysia, Nauru and indefinite detention

9 August 2016

Presenter: Dr Michael Andrew AO (BCom 1977, LLB 1978), Chairman, Australian Board of Taxation 
Topic: Australia’s role in the fight against corruption

19 July 2016

Presenter: Ms Alice Pung (LLB(Hons) 2004, BA 2004), Writer 
Topic:  The complexities of writing about class and race

7 June 2016

Presenter: Mr Jack Heath (BA(Hons) 1983, LLB 1984), CEO of SANE Australia
Topic:  Mental health challenges facing Australia

10 May 2016

Presenter: Mr Alex Wyatt (BSc(Hons) 1999, LLB(Hons) 2000), CEO of RayGen Resources
Topic:  Clean and green: global climate policy and the cleantech white knight

22 March 2016 (Sydney event)

Presenter: Mr Geoff Culbert (BCom / LLB(Hons) 1992), President & CEO, GE Australia & NZ
Topic:  GE: The 130 year old start up – Invention and reinvention for the next industrial era

8 March 2016

Presenter: The Hon Lindsay Tanner MP (LLB(Hons) 1981, BA(Hons) 1979, MA 1984)
Topic:  Is Australian Democracy in Crisis?

13 October 2015

Presenter: Dr Bruce Oswald CSC (PhD 2009), Associate Professor and Director of the Asia Pacific Centre for Military Law, Melbourne Law School
Topic: Peacekeeping since Rwanda: Reflections of a Legal Officer's Experience 21 years on

1 September 2015

Presenter: Mr David Shafer (BCom / LLB(Hons) 2005), Executive Director, Kogan Technologies 
Topic: Innovation and disruption in the digital age

18 August 2015

Presenter: Mrs Catherine Walter AM (LLB(Hons) 1973, LLM 1976, MBA 1988)
Topic: Lawyers on Board: making it work

29 July 2015 (Sydney Event)

Presenter: Ms Carolyn Kay (BA 1983 / LLB 1983), Non-Executive Director of Brambles, The Future Fund, Allens Linklaters, John Swire & Sons, The Sydney Institute, and The General Sir John Monash Foundation
Topic: Collective Intelligence: Optimising decision making

21 July 2015

Presenter: Mr Peter Gordon (LLB 1979), Director, Gordon Legal and President and Chairman, Western Bulldogs
Topic: WADA they thinkin!

2 June 2015

Presenter: Dr Nora Scheinkestel (LLB(Hons) 1981, PhD 1997), Chairman, Macquarie Atlas Roads Limited, Director, Macquarie Atlas Roads International Limited, Director, Telstra Corporation Limited, Director, Orica Limited and Associate Professor, Melbourne Business School.
Topic: How should we govern in disruptive times?

5 May 2015

Presenter: Professor John Daley (BSc 1987, LLB(Hons) 1989), Chief Executive Officer, Grattan Institute
Topic: Is courageous policy reform still possible?

14 April 2015

Presenter: Senator The Hon Scott Ryan (in lieu of The Hon Alan Tudge MP)

3 March 2015

Presenter: The Hon Dr Barry Jones AC (LLB 1966, MA 1968, LLD 2002), Vice-Chancellor's Fellow, The University of Melbourne
Topic: What's Wrong with Democracy? 

21 October 2014

Presenter: Professor Caron Beaton Wells (BA / LLB(Hons) 1993, LLM 1997, PhD 2002), Professor and Associate Dean(Melbourne Law Masters), Melbourne Law School and Professor Allan Fels AO, Professorial Fellow, The University of Melbourne
Topic: Australia's Supermarket Duopoly: Who is Being Served

2 September 2014

Presenter: Ms Janet Whiting (BA / LLB 1982), Partner, Gilbert & Tobin Lawyers
Topic: The Role of the Director on Not For Profit Boards

26 August 2014

Presenter: Ms Jo Porter (LLB 1989, PgradCert.Arts 2014), Former executive producer, Malthouse Theatre
Topic: The Future of the Performing Arts

24 July 2014

Presenter: Mr David Crawford AO (BCom 1966, LLB 1973), Chairman, Lend Lease Corporation
Topic: Getting on a board and making a difference once you are there

22 July 2014

Presenter: The Hon Mark Dreyfus QC MP (BA / LLB 1978), Deputy Manager of Opposition Business, Australian Labour Party
Topic: Reflections of an Attorney General

17 June 2014

Presenter: Mr Julian McMahon (BA(Hons) 1987, LLB 1990), Barrister, R J Howells Pty Ltd
Topic: What's happening with death row in Asia?

20 May 2014

Presenter: Ms Kelly O'Dwyer MP (LLB(Hons) 1999, BA 2000), Minister for Small Business, Assistant Treasurer, House of Representatives
Topic: Opportunities and challenges for Australia's economic future

29 April 2014

Presenter: Mr Gillon McLachlan (LLB(Hons) 1996), Chief Executive Officer, Australian Football League
Topic: How do sporting organisations manage integrity and corporate social responsibility

18 March 2014

Presenter: Mr David Crawford AO (BCom 1996, LLM 1973), Chairman, Lend Lease Corporation
Topic: Getting on a board and making a difference once you are there

Suggestions or Feedback

If you have any suggestions in relation to topics and speakers or would like to provide us with feedback about the Series, please feel free to contact the MLS Alumni Relations Team.