Inspired by gratitude and opportunity

Melbourne Law School is delighted that Dr John Kearney AM, QC and Mrs Alison Kearney BA (Melb) (pictured right) have chosen to support a new overseas scholarship program for our students.

Dr John Kearney AM QC and Mrs Alison Kearney
Dr John Kearney AM QC and Mrs Alison Kearney

An honorary Doctor of Laws, Bond University and Doctor of the University, Griffith, Dr Kearney says his decision to support scholarships at Melbourne Law School is inspired by Michael Crommelin, long-time Dean of Law until 2007, and by his gratitude to those who taught him at the Law School in the late 1940s.

"Sir George Paton, Arthur Turner and Geoffrey Sawer, members of the academic profession, and all who taught me at that time, have my enduring gratitude", says Dr Kearney. "They include Mr Tom Smith, legend of Smith on Anson on Contract, Sir Alistair Adam, Justice Richard Eggleston, Sir George Pape, Sir George Lush, Justice Cliff Menhennitt and Dr Sev Woinarski."

"I also have warm memories of the hospitality and friendship extended to me in Melbourne by Sir Zelman Cowen."

Mrs Alison Kearney continues a family association with the University of Melbourne that spans more than 90 years, as her mother graduated in Arts with a Diploma of Education in 1917.

"We value the opportunities given to us," says Mrs Kearney. "It is good to be able to create new opportunities for Melbourne Law School students, now and into the future."

From 2008 to 2012, John and Alison Kearney Overseas Scholarships, valued at $5,000 each, will support a total of 26 Melbourne Law School students who have achieved excellence and are in need of financial assistance to bridge the gap to enable them to travel overseas to study.

This article originally appeared in MLS News, Issue 1, March 2009.