In memoriam

The Law School has learnt of the following deaths in our community. We extend our condolences to family and friends of the following people:

John T Bennett

Richard Billings

Christopher R Broome

Dr Deborah Z Cass

Michael J Cusack

William F Dimmick OAM

Kate L Eyles

George F Florence

The Hon John Fogarty AM

Gavan R Foster

Eustace C Frank

Rosalie M Gustus

Betty Hayes

Keith A Hercules

The Hon Alan J Hunt AM

Ian B Lowry

John F Kearney AM QC

Leigh Masel

Rowan G McIndoe

David J McKenna

Dr Paul A Mees

Djordje Nedovic

The Hon Norman M O'Bryan

Sarah J Ormiston

Valda J Rubino

Bill F Rutherford

Natalie Shekel

Eileen F Stuart

Michael N Takabwebwe

Michael P Taussig QC

David L Waxman

Dorothy A Weaver

Patrick A White

This article originally appeared in MLS News, Issue 10, December 2013.