Melbourne Law School hosts "The Juris Dogtor"

Melbourne Law School has formed a close friendship with a very popular new addition to its ranks. The "Juris Dogtor" is a certified therapy dog who visits the Law School weekly. A first for the Law School, the fourlegged therapist is provided bynon-profit group Delta Society Australia, which promotes the benefits of animal-assisted therapy to help alleviate stress. 

Juris Dogtor 

Coordinator of the "Juris Dogtor" program, Kelly McDermott, says that wellness literature shows that therapy animals assist greatly with stress, anxiety and depression, conditions known to affect law students. "The introduction of Riley has been providing additional support to our students in an innovative way by just enjoying a break with a furry friend from the rigours of studying law," says Kelly.

Delta Society Australia is a registered Australian charity that began in 1997 and aims to advance human health and wellbeing through positive interactions with animals. Volunteers and their dogs visit hospitals, care facilities and schools across Australia.

This article originally appeared in MLS News, Issue 12, October 2014.