In memoriam

The Law School has learnt of the following deaths in our community. We extend our condolences to family and friends of the following people:

  • Mr Barkat U Ali
  • Mr Leslie R Bailey
  • Mrs Miriam H Boluch
  • Mr Russell M Brown
  • Mr Daniel G Condo
  • Mr Denis A Corr
  • Mr Russell T Daniels
  • Mr David J Denby
  • Mr Peter M Forrest
  • The Hon Alan H Goldberg AO QC
  • Mr Peter R Horvath
  • Mr Peter King
  • Dr John J Lanigan SC
  • Wing Commander Theodorus J C Lusink
  • The Reverend Ross A McKenney
  • Mr Lloyd H McMahon
  • Mr James D Merralls AM QC
  • Mr Anton T Neal
  • Mr Constantine G Nikakis
  • Dr James T Rangelov
  • Mr Stanley E Rowe
  • Mr Roger A Smith
  • Mr Leigh A Thompson
  • Mr Robert W Umbers
  • Mr Adrian J Valmorbida
This article originally appeared in MLS News, Issue 16, October 2016.