Honour Roll

Melbourne Law School expresses sincere appreciation to the following individuals, families and organisations who have donated or sponsored during the 2008 – 2009 financial year. Your contributions are vital in supporting our initiatives to sustain access and excellence. 

Donations made since 1 July 2009, including those made during the Law Annual Appeal, have been gratefully received and will be honoured in the next edition of MLS News.

Tim Neilson – a $30,000 Gift to Scholarships

Tim Neilson (LLb (hons) 1983) decided to give $30,000 to Melbourne Law School scholarships during this year's Law Annual Appeal.

"I decided to give to the Law School I went through. I am grateful for what others did that made my time as a student at the Law School so beneficial to me, and I hope that students will continue to have the same quality of experience that I did. And I decided to give to scholarships because clearly scholarships are important for students."

A Director of leading specialist tax firm Greenwoods & Freehills, Tim is a member of the Advisory Board of Melbourne Law School Tax Group and is a Senior Fellow in the Melbourne Law Masters Program, having taught in the program for seven years.

Davies Collison Cave – sponsor of a Chair of Intellectual property

Since 1998, Davies Collison Cave has sponsored a chair of intellectual Property.

Mr Keith Leslie
Mr Keith Leslie, Senior Partner, Davies Collison Cave

"The firm has a long tradition and commitment to the advancement of education and training in intellectual property, and sees Melbourne Law School as a pioneer and leading contributor to teaching at a postgraduate level. Contributing to that education and training is, we feel, part of our social responsibility.

Many partners and staff of  the firm are graduates of the University of Melbourne not only in law, but also in science and engineering, and have feelings of loyalty and pride in the institution.

We also see the donation of prizes and support for the DCC Chair not only as a means for encouragement of students to learn and excel in intellectual property, but also as a means to promote our profile as a leading intellectual property firm both to our clients and to students who may be future employment prospects."

Student Activity and Scholarships

The Melbourne JD Harold Ford Scholarships

  • His Honour Judge Graham R. Anderson
  • Anonymous Donor
  • Her Honour Judge Jane A. Campton
  • The Honourable Alex Chernov AO QC and Mrs Elizabeth M Chernov
  • Mr Philip D. Crutchfield Professor James C. Hathaway Mr Peter J. Jopling QC
  • Her Honour Judge Irene E. Lawson and Mr Brendan
  • F. Kissane
  • Arnold Bloch Leibler
  • The Honourable Justice Ross M. Robson QC
  • The Honourable Justice Mark S. Weinberg

The John and Alison Kearney Overseas Scholarships – Five Year Program

  • Dr John F. Kearney AM QC and Mrs Alison Kearney

Melbourne Law School Scholarships

  • Anonymous Donors 
  • Ms Debra L. Brown
  • The Honourable Frank H. Callaway RFD QC
  • Mr Ian R. Campbell
  • The Honourable Stephen
  • P. Charles QC
  • Professor Sandford D. Clark 
  • Mr Stephen E. Creese
  • Mr Alexander J. Duncan 
  • Mr James M. Dwyer
  • The Honourable Frank Dyett 
  • Mr Malcolm Evans Associate Professor
  • Simon Evans
  • Francis Forbes Society for Australian Legal History
  • Mr Kenneth W. Fraser 
  • Mr James H. Frederick 
  • Mr Graeme P. Freeman
  • Associate Professor Pamela F. Hanrahan
  • Mr Douglas M. Hocking 
  • Mr Michael A. Kelly
  • Professor Andrew T. Kenyon 
  • Mrs Enez L. Lesser
  • Mr Kwok Y. Liu and Mrs Amy Y. Liu
  • Professor Emeritus Harold Luntz 
  • Mr George P. MacKenzie
  • Macquarie Group Foundation 
  • Mr Martin Marks
  • G.J. McNaught Pty Ltd – Ms Glenda J. McNaught
  • Mr Allan L. Moore
  • Mr Theodore H. Moss
  • Sir Laurence M. Muir VRD
  • His Honour Paul R. Mullaly QC His Honour Judge
  • Damian Murphy
  • Mr Timothy D. Neilson
  • The Honourable Robert D. Nicholson AO
  • Miss Leanda Nissen The Honourable Dr Ray
  • M. Northrop QC
  • His Honour Judge Kevin P. O'Connor AM
  • Mr Gerald J. Parncutt
  • Mr Michael R. Pearce SC
  • His Honour Peter U. Rendit QC 
  • Mr Thomas G. Ridgeway  
  • Mrs Norma L. Riley
  • The Honourable Justice Donnell M. Ryan
  • Mr Paul D. Santamaria SC 
  • Ms Lisa K. Sarmas
  • Mrs Faye Skepper 
  • Mr Martin A. Simek
  • Professor Robin L. Sharwood AM
  • Mr Philip H. Solomon
  • The Right Hononourable Sir Ninian Stephen KG AK GCMG GCVO KBE
  • Mr Robert Stewart
  • Associate Professor Miranda Stewart
  • Mr Richard A. St John
  • Mr George Gerald M. Swinburne 
  • Ms Amber J. Taverner
  • Mr Robert K. Todd AM
  • Mrs Hilary F. Tracey
  • The Honourable Justice Richard R. Tracey RFD
  • Mr Kevin Truscot 
  • Mr Ian G. Waller SC
  • Mr Edward R. Walker 
  • Mr Timothy J. Walker
  • The Honourable Justice Mark S. Weinberg
  • The Honourable John R. Wilczek 
  • Mr Leon Zwier

Donovan-Johnston Memorial Scholarship

  • Estate of Kathleen Mary Johnston administered by Perpetual Trustees Company Limited

Brian Shaw Prize

  • Mr Michael R. Pearce SC
  • Ms Melanie Sloss SC

Malcolm D.H. Smith Memorial Scholarship

  • CommAsia Australia Pty Ltd
  • The Honourable Justice Robert S. Osborn
  • Mr Daniel Rosen
  • Dr Rosalynd E. Smith

Mooting Activities 

  • Ms  Janice  Luck 
  • Telstra

Global Education Scholarships

  • Anonymous Donors 
  • Professor Andrew F. Christie
  • Professor Michael Crommelin AO 
  • Ms Susan M. Haslam
  • Mr David A. Jones AM 
  • Mr Leigh Masel
  • Associate Professor Pip Nicholson
  • Mr Michael B. Robinson AO 
  • Mr David W. Rogers AO

Student Prizes

  • Alan Missen Foundation 
  • Allens Arthur Robinson 
  • Blake Dawson
  • CCH
  • Clayton Utz Clifford Chance
  • Corrs Chambers Westgarth 
  • Davies Collison Cave
  • Deacons
  • DLA Phillips Fox Freehills
  • Galbally & O'Bryan Hall & Wilcox
  • Harmers Workplace Lawyers Herbert Geer
  • Holding Redlich
  • The Leo & Mina Fink Fund 
  • Licensing Executive Society 
  • Mallesons Stephen Jaques 
  • Minter Ellison
  • Piper Alderman 
  • Lawyers Supreme Court
  • TAC

Public Lectures

Allen Hope Southey Memorial Lecture

  • Mr Guy F. Southey
  • Mr Jonathan E. Southey 
  • Mr Patrick R. Southey 
  • Mr Rob Southey
  • Mr William B. Southey

Peter Brett Memorial Lecture

  • Anonymous Donor


The Melbourne Oxford Collaboration Project – Research, Scholarships and Collegial Relations

  • Mr Allan J. Myers AO QC and Mrs Maria J. Myers AO

Tokyo War Crimes Trial Conference

  • Squaw Chop 2 Pty Ltd – Mr Bradley Watson

Law Library

  • Anonymous  Donors
  • Mr Thomas  E.  Bostock
  • Brilliant Target Migration Solutions – Mr Tiantao Zhang
  • Mr Trevor S. Cohen
  • Mr Robert J. Cornall AO 
  • Mr Peter Couzens
  • Mr James C. Cox
  • Dr Stephen P. Donaghue
  • Mr Michael Dowling 
  • Mr David J. Freedman
  • Mr Michael D. Heaton SC 
  • Mr Perry D. Herzfeld
  • Mrs Caroline Johnston 
  • Mr Jim Lemaire
  • Mrs Enez L. Lesser 
  • Mr Rodd A. Levy
  • The Honourable Francis B. Lewis
  • Mr Otto Luznik
  • The Honourable Associate Justice Kevin J. Mahony
  • Mr John P. McKenna 
  • Mr Paul D. McSweeney 
  • Mr Edward W. Muntz
  • Mr Anthony D. O'Donoghue 
  • Mr Hamish L. Redd
  • Mr Keith A. Skinner 
  • Mr Robert W. Sultan
  • The Honourable Justice
  • Richard R. Tracey RFD 
  • Ms Ruth Trait
  • Professor Douglas G. Williamson RFD QC

Research Centres & Institutes

Asian Law Centre

  • Australian Government Attorney-General's Department
  • Asia Pacific Centre for Military Law
  • Australian Red Cross Department of Defence
  • Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, Leiden
  • TMC Asser Instituut, The Hague 
  • Mr Bradley Watson

Centre for Employment and Labour Relations Law

  • Allens Arthur Robinson 
  • Arnold Bloch Leibler 
  • Baker & McKenzie 
  • Blake Dawson
  • Corrs Chambers Westgarth
  • DLA Phillips Fox Freehills
  • The Honourable Justice Peter R. Gray
  • Holding Redlich Justitia
  • Lander and Rogers Maddocks
  • Mallesons Stephen Jaques 
  • Maurice Blackburn 
  • Cashman Middletons
  • Minter Ellison Lawyers 
  • Rigby Cooke Lawyers 
  • Ryan Carlisle Thomas 
  • Trindade Farr & Pill
  • Fair Work Ombudsman
  • Centre for Media and communications  Law
  • Allens Arthur Robinson 
  • Austar Entertainment 
  • Baker & McKenzie 
  • Banki Haddock Fiora
  • Corrs Chambers Westgarth Fairfax Media
  • Gibson Legal
  • The Herald & Weekly Times 
  • Mallesons Stephen Jaques 
  • Septimus, Lee & Jones 
  • Seven Network

Intellectual Property Research Institute of Australia

  • IP Australia
  • KCA – Knowledge Commercialisation Australasia
  • IPTA – The Institute of Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys of Australia
This article originally appeared in MLS News, Issue 2, September 2009.