Alumni achievements

Melbourne Law School would like to congratulate the following alumni on their appointments, honours and awards (as at 18 September 2018):

Queen's Birthday Honours

Mr Andrew I Crockett AM (LLB 1970)

Ms Jackie M Fristacky AM (BA(Hons) 1970, LLB 1972, LLM 1975, MPPM 1996)

Mr Thomas E Gleisner AO (BA 1983, LLB 1986)

Mr Alan Goldstone OAM (LLB 1974)

Mr Colin D Golvan AM QC (LLB 1979, BA(Hons) 1978)

Professor Wang Gungwu AO CBE (LLD 1997)

Mr John M Hobday OAM (LLB 1962)

Professor Timothy C Lindsey AO (BA(Hons) 1985, BLitt(Hons) 1986,

LLB 1987, PhD 1994)

Mr James G Nicol AM (LLB 1971)

Ms Padma P Raman PSM (LLM 1997)

Professor Peter A Sallmann AM (LLB 1972)

Mr Anthony E Sell OAM (BA(Hons) 1965, LLB 1967)

Mr Robert G Sharples OAM (LLB 1968)

Judicial appointments

Supreme Court of Victoria

The Hon Justice Terence M Forrest (LLB 1978)

The Hon Justice Kevin J Lyons QC (LLB 1988, BA 1987)

The Hon Justice Lesley A Taylor (LLM 1999)

County Court of Victoria

His Honour Judge Philip J Ginnane (LLB 1986)

Magistrates Court of Victoria

His Honour Magistrate Randal J Kune (LLB(Hons) 1994, LLM 1998)

New South Wales Local Court

His Honour Magistrate Richard B Funston (BCom 1985, LLB 1986)

This article originally appeared in MLS News, Issue 20, November 2018