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Melbourne Law School is Australia's first all-graduate faculty. The Melbourne Law School was the first faculty in Australia to teach law, and awarded this country's first law degrees. We have now committed ourselves to build on our more than 150 year history of excellence and innovation by shifting from undergraduate legal education to the global standard, graduate level Juris Doctor degree.

Faculty members associated with the Centre for Comparative Constitutional Studies teach in all programs of the Law School and supervise graduate researchers.

Public Law in the Melbourne Law Masters

A line-up of subjects in public law in the Melbourne Law Masters for the second part of the year 2020 is now open for enrolments.

Most of the MLM subjects at Melbourne Law School will be offered online for the rest of 2020. The subjects will be taught intensively, over a five day period, offering lawyers and others in related fields the opportunity to immerse themselves in the latest developments in public law from home or their place of work. As always, the teachers in  MLM subjects are international leaders in their fields. The delivery of subjects will encourage lively engagement between class participants from around Australia and the world.

The 2020 selection of public law subjects reflects the changing nature and complexity of the field, the diversity of global experience, and the interdependence of domestic and international law. The range is wide enough to enable students to specialise in areas that suit their own interests: for example, in Australian public law, administrative law, comparative public law, public international law or aspects of post-conflict state-building.  All subjects are highly topical. Several, including Multi-Level Government, will also examine law and policy through a COVID-19 lens.

Subjects may be taken towards the LLM, the Masters of Public and International Law, the Graduate Diploma in Government Law or as single subjects.

The Directors of Studies would be happy to advise on subject selection: Cheryl Saunders (, Jason Varuhas (, Sundhya Pahuja (

Public Law subjects, second semester 2020:

*Students may be approved to take other MLM subjects outside the formal specialisation.

For further information please visit:;

For up to date information on the full second semester suite of MLM courses see:

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MLS Programs

More information on programs at Melbourne Law School:

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Research Supervisions

Academics associated with the CCCS supervise research projects in a broad range of areas. For information on Centre staff interests, please click here.

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Post-doctoral Fellowships

CCCS is keen to support young researchers. Opportunities for Post-doctoral fellowships arise annually. For more information, please click here.

Prospective Graduate Researchers should get in touch with the Melbourne Law School Office for Research.

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