Australian Journal of Labour Law

About the Journal

The Australian Journal of Labour Law is published by LexisNexis in three issues per year. The Journal is designed to be of service both to the academic community and to practitioners in labour relations law, and labour relations.

The Journal seeks to publish articles, notes and comments, and detailed commentaries on recent cases and legislation in the field of labour law. Articles may deal with an area of labour law in an analytical, theoretical or empirical fashion. Contributions detailing or analysing the importance of recent developments in labour law, or dealing with issues of policy and reform are also welcomed. The Journal is controlled by an Editorial Committee following a formal process of peer review.

Although the primary focus of the Journal is on Australian labour law, articles and contributions on overseas developments will be accepted for publication where they are of relevance to the Australian situation.

Contact Details

Inquiries regarding subscriptions or particular issues of the Journal should be directed to the Product Manager
Australian Journal of Labour Law
Locked Bag 2222
Chatswood Delivery Centre
Chatswood NSW 2067
For general queries, please email

Contributions and correspondence concerning the various sections of the Journal's activities should be addressed as follows.

Editorial Staff


  • John HoweUniversity of Melbourne
  • Shae McCrystalUniversity of Sydney

Associate Editor

  • Melissa Kennedy - University of Melbourne

Student Editorial Assistants

  • Conall Batch
  • Bree Booth
  • Alexander Christie
  • James Gao
  • Jessica Gelsumini
  • Jessica Murchie
  • Chris Navarro
  • Prasanna Nidumolu
  • Hannah Pelka-Caven
  • Tim Sheehan
  • Mende Stojcevski
  • Keira Takacs

The AJLL recruits voluntary student editorial assistants.

More information about volunteering

Editorial Committee

  • Pauline Bomball
  • Josh Bornstein
  • Justin Bourke
  • Anna Chapman
  • Sean Cooney
  • Amanda Coulthard
  • Dawn Duncan
  • Tom Dixon
  • Keith Ewing
  • Colin Fenwick
  • Anthony Forsyth
  • Judy Fudge
  • Emma Goodwin
  • Laura Hilly
  • Natalie James
  • Richard Johnstone
  • Jill Murray
  • Paul O'Grady
  • Graeme Orr
  • Rosemary Owens
  • Marilyn Pittard
  • Joellen Riley Munton
  • Justice Iain JK Ross
  • Graham Smith
  • Carolyn Sutherland
  • Joo-Cheong Tham
  • Justice M J Walton

Style Guidelines

In preparing material for submission of an article, authors should be guided by the following points:

  1. Where an earlier version of a submission has been published as a working paper or conference paper, the Journal will only proceed with the submission where it is significantly different to the earlier working paper or conference paper.
  2. Manuscript Presentation All article manuscripts should be emailed as a Microsoft Word document to Case notes and other short pieces should be emailed direct to the appropriate section editor. Electronic submissions need not be accompanied by paper copies.
  3. Title Each manuscript should have a title which is both succinct and descriptive.
  4. Abstract An abstract of no more than 150 words must be supplied at the beginning of each article. The abstract should briefly outline the structure and content of the article and summarise its conclusions.
  5. Footnotes These should be numbered consecutively throughout and appear at the foot of the page. All bibliographical details, case citations etc should be contained in the footnotes and not in the text. Footnotes should not be used to make substantive points.
  6. Word length policy In making editorial decisions we will accept articles up to 12,000 words (including footnotes), and section contributions up to 5,000 words (including footnotes).

Please click here for a copy of the Style Guidelines (updated June 2018).

International Association of Labour Law Journals

The Australian Journal of Labour Law participates, along with several foreign labour law journals, in a consortium for the exchange and publication of international labour law materials. The other members of the consortium are:

  • Análisis Laboral, Peru
  • Arbeit und Recht, Germany
  • Australian Journal of Labor Law, Australia
  • Bulletin de Droit Comparé du Travail et de la Securité Sociale, France
  • Bulletin on Comparative Labour Relations, Belgium
  • Canadian Labour and Employment Law Journal, Canada
  • Comparative Labor Law & Policy Journal, USA
  • Diritti lavori mercati , Italy
  • Europäische Zeitschrift für Arbeitsrecht (EuZA), Germany
  • Giornale di Diritto del lavoro e relazioni industriali, Italy
  • Industrial Law Journal, United Kingdom
  • Industrial Law Journal, South Africa
  • International Journal of Comparative Labour Law and Industrial Relations, The Netherlands
  • International Labour Review, ILO
  • Japan Labor Review, Japan
  • Labour Society and Law, Israel
  • Lavoro e Diritto, Italy
  • Relaciones Laborales, Spain
  • Revista de Derecho Social, Spain
  • Revue de Droit du Travail, France
  • Zeitschrift für ausländisches und internationales Arbeits- und Sozialrecht, Germany

For more information about the International Association of Labour Law Journals please visit their website -