Competition Law and COVID-19 in Asia


In this video, Dr Wendy Ng speaks with Ms Alice Pham about the various measures that the Vietnamese Government has taken to respond to COVID-19. In particular, they talk about the role (or lack thereof) of competition law in that response and the underlying reasons. They also discuss the relationship between competition law and consumer protection in ASEAN more generally.

About the speaker

Alice Pham is an expert on competition policy and consumer protection, in particular relating to Vietnam and ASEAN. She has extensive experience advising and working with various governments, development partners, international organisations, and companies on these issues. In particular, she was involved in a major project led by the Vietnamese government on comprehensive legal reforms in Vietnam and has been part of numerous technical assistance and capacity building projects throughout Asia. Most recently, Alice has been assisting ASEAN with its efforts to implement and review its action plans on competition and consumer policies.