Competition Law and COVID-19 in Asia


In this video, Dr Wendy Ng speaks with Dr Ploykaew Porananond about the measures that the Thai government has taken to respond to the COVID-19 crisis and the political context surrounding them. They also talk about the Thai competition authority’s ability to undertake competition advocacy during this time.

About the speaker

Dr Ploykaew Porananond is the Director of the Center of ASEAN Transnational Studies at the Faculty of Law, Chiang Mai University. She has a particular research interest in comparative competition law and in the enactment and enforcement of competition laws in unfavourable political contexts. Her book, “Competition Law in the ASEAN Countries: Regional Law and National Systems”, was published in 2018. She has experience working with international organisations as well as businesses. Her latest research is funded by the Thailand Research Fund and focuses on the application of Thai competition law to the digital market.